Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1381 The Hunt Begins 3
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1381 The Hunt Begins 3

The way they all died, were all completely uniform without a single exception to them. Dying within the layers of icicles was a common occurrence and for all those who had come this far to the icicles, they were aware that death could happen anywhere and at anytime in this place.


Nobody would find death in such a state like this!

The way they died, was obviously a result of someone having intentionally arranged them like this!

Although their heads had already rotted away, but the clothes upon those dead bodies were exactly the same as what those men from the Flamboyant Palace were wearing. It became obvious to them that these corpses belonged to the last batch of people they had sent here to the Heaven's End Cliff.

Although they had guessed that these people had perished, but when the men from the Flamboyant Palace witnessed with their own eyes the manner their comrades had died, they felt their own bodies go cold, as a sense of terror creeped out from within their bones.

As the period of time they had died had not been too long ago and because the temperature in here was extremely low, those bodies had still been rather complete, the highly gory sight sending the chills to run through the bodies.

"EH!" Someone could not hold his stomach down and vomited.

Seeing members from the same palace dying in such a manner and their bodies so arranged with such uniformity, the sense of unease and terror caused their bodies to tremble uncontrollably.

"Who could be responsible for this! The Flame Demons Palace….. The Soul Return Palace….. Or is it someone from another one of the Palaces! ?" The leader of the group shouted in rage, his hackles rising.

"Chief, what do we do….. Could they….. Could they possibly still be around? They really want us all dead!" The other men from the Flamboyant Palace were getting a little flustered. The number of people who had died here numbered a little too many, all packed so closely together as they completely filled with the small gaps in between the icicles. With one glance, the grotesque corpses seemed to be everywhere and where terrified them even more was for the fact that among all the corpses, they saw that every one of them was from the Flamboyant Palace and not a single one among them were from any of the other palaces.

The powers the Twelve Palaces held were of similar levels between themselves and unless one of the palaces had an Elder involved in the battle, otherwise it was basically not possible for any one single palace to exert such complete dominance. Hence, such an instance where only the Flamboyant Palace suffered casualties was entirely impossible.

Unless the assailants had moved the bodies of their comrades away, or they had people of the Elder level present!

Even in that biting cold under the thick mist, the leader of the men had a layer of cold sweat covering over his forehead.

"Chief….. I once heard….. that the Flame Demons Palace had sent one of their Elders down here to the Heaven's End Cliff about a year ago. One year had passed and that Elder still had not returned to the Flame Demons Palace. Do you think that that Elder could be the one responsible for all these? Could they possibly have discovered the Dark Emperor's tomb and are afraid that we will find out and they have….."

The face of the leader creased up in a frown, his body becoming chillier. That was not entirely impossible.

The Elder that had gone missing from the Flame Demons Palace was Elder Hui and although the powers he possessed was not among the top, but compared to others he still held powers enough to dominate. That was the first time any of the Twelve Palaces had sent an Elder to the Heaven's End Cliff and that had incurred the displeasure of the other palaces.

They had strongly requested for the Palace Lord of the Flame Demons Palace to summon the Elder back but the Palace Lord of the Flame Demons Palace had claimed that Elder Hui had gone missing to reject the protest from the other palaces.

And who would believe those words?

Just how powerful was an Elder of the Palace and how could it be possible that they would suddenly go missing so easily?

Instead of saying that Elder Hui had really gone missing, it was more widely believed that the Flame Demons Palace had discovered an important clue or even that they had found the Dark Emperor's tomb and they had stationed Elder Hui to oversee the situation here!
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