Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1388 The World in Chaos 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1388 The World in Chaos 2

The waiter's words drove the hearts of Jun Wu Xie and her companions into shock.

War everywhere?

Before Jun Wu Xie started her journey to go to the Heaven's End Cliff, it could be said that the situation within the Lower Realm had stabilized. The biggest and most prosperous Fire Country was in Jun Wu Xie's grasp and the next second biggest Condor Country split and distributed by Jun Wu Xie to the Qi and Buckwheat Kingdoms which greatly elevated their might. Jun Wu Xie had then drawn the three powers into an alliance and with the combined strength of the three countries, bringing stability to the entire lands should have been a piece of cake. Moreover, several other powers had also been saved by Jun Wu Xie's hand as well, hence by all reason, the lands shouldn't have fallen into such chaos in such a short period of just one year!

"What actually happened? Can our waiter brother tell us a little more about it? All of us had gone into seclusion for many years in the mountains and do not know what the situation is like in these lands today." Fan Zhuo asked, his heart a little worried as he pulled out a gold ingot and placed it on the table.

The waiter's eyes immediately bulged as he stared and his nostrils flared wide. His hand trembled as he picked up the gold ingot in his hands and quickly hid it in his sleeves. But in just that short period of time that had merely been a blink, it had already drawn the gazes of the other patrons in the tea stall to them.

"What does our guests want to know? Your humble one here will definitely tell you all that I know with restrain."

Fan Zhuo glanced at Jun Wu Xie and he then asked after receiving a signal from her: "Our waiter brother mentioned that there are wars happening everywhere, what did you mean by that? Did a particular country initiate a war?"

The waiter shook his head. "How could it be just one country? If it's a war brought on by just one single country, how could it possibly have driven all the people under the Heavens into such tumultuous turmoil? Actually….." The waiter paused and looked around him as he clutched at the gold ingot in his sleeve before saying in a low voice.

"I heard that it began when several countries were struck with an epidemic, which resulted in a great number of deaths. But the strange thing about that was that the people afflicted with the disease did not die. They instead turned immensely strong, but lost their awareness completely, becoming mindless shells that only knew how to kill people, as if possessed by the devil. In the beginning, the epidemic only appeared within a few small countries and no one knew how it suddenly spread everywhere. People who became infected by the disease turned maniacal and stirred up chaos all around them where even the armies of those countries were helpless against them. Now, those maniacs are spreading everywhere and the entire lands have been thrown into turmoil. I've heard that the Fire Country is now leading a combined force together with the Qi Kingdom and the Buckwheat Kingdom, seeking to control the situation."

"But the situation is becoming worse and no one knows why. Those maniacs do not feel pain and know no fear, only seeking to kill with complete disregard to their own lives. No one knows who gathered those maniacs together and it seems that they are now engaged in an earth shattering battle with the three country allied forces. The situation is spreading to many places and no country is safe, where the epidemic seems to be happening in every single one of them, a complete mess."

"This place is highly remote and far off so we do not often see those maniacs. But if you go further east, you will easily encounter them. Those maniacs eat people and are unbelievably strong. They do not care whether you are male or female, old or young, none are spared. It's really terrifying." The waiter's description was vivid and detailed, which made it seem like he wasn't lying.

Qiao Chu and the companions felt fear creep into their hearts as they listened. The situation that had been described, was something they had witnessed before!

That was no epidemic, but Poison Men created by the Soul Return Palace! !

Jun Wu Xie's eyes immediately turned chill. She had not thought after their one year's cultivation in seclusion, they would all be greeted by a world that had been thrown into such turmoil! 

The waiter saw that the faces of the his audience had turned an ugly shade and he immediately shrunk his head into his shoulders before making himself scarce.
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