Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1532 Strange Room 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1532 Strange Room 2

Jun Wu Xie stared at the crystal ball that was rolling further away through narrowed eyes. She attempted to touch it one more time but the result was the same, where she was unable to touch it.

Jun Wu Xie then recalled the words Tian Ze had said before she came into the room.

This room had originally been prepared for spirit bodies.

Jun Wu Xie's gaze then slowly shifted onto those crystal balls.

She was unable to touch these crystal balls but the little black cat could. It was possible that these crystal balls could only be touched by spirit bodies.

The Spirit Mastery race that Jun Wu Xie presented to people out there possesses power of the soul and that Spirit Reinforcement uses that very power. But at this very moment, Jun Wu Xie was suddenly feeling….. that she might have dug a hole for herself with her own words.

For her to place all these crystal balls onto the shelves, she would need to have the power of the soul.

Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath and slowly concentrated spirit power into her hands. Based on the method used in Spirit Healing Technique, she slowly transformed the spirit powers into the power of the soul bit by bit. When Gu Li Sheng had used this method in the past, Jun Wu Xie had felt that was a waste of spirit powers and would never have thought that she would put it to use one day…..

With her hands covered in the powers of the soul, Jun Wu Xie approached the crystal balls once more. She reached out her hands and moved them slowly towards a crystal ball. This time, she finally touched the crystal ball!

But in the very instant that her fingers just touched the crystal ball, she felt a strong suction force that quickly sucked away the power of the soul she shrouded her hands with!

At the same moment that the power of the soul disappeared, Jun Wu Xie's fingers immediately passed through the crystal ball.

"….." Jun Wu Xie looked at her fingers that had gone through the crystal ball, her eyes filled with puzzlement.

These crystal balls were not only things that spirit bodies were able to touch, but what was more terrifying about them was that they sucked away powers from the soul!

If it was just a spirit body, it might not feel that obvious. Afterall, a spirit body itself was the source for powers of the soul. Soul power in a spirit body was just like spirit powers in a human body, where it would not be that greatly felt when it was absorbed by the crystal ball.

But the power of the soul on Jun Wu Xie's hands had taken a large amount of spirit power to be transformed and she would not be able to hold out for such a long time as the task would require.

For her to pick up so many crystal balls one by one and to put them onto the shelves, Jun Wu Xie would have to constantly transform her spirit power into power of the soul and that would be an extremely high spirit power consuming process.

"What kind of a darned place is this!" The little black cat wailed, smacking the crystal balls away in frustration.

Jun Wu Xie did not say anything but just stood there silently to stare at both her hands. She transformed her spirit power one more time and then attempted to pick up a crystal ball again.

In the instant she touched the crystal ball, Jun Wu Xie felt the power of the soul she had transformed being sucked away at an extremely high speed. In order to maintain the power of the soul on her hands, she quickly transformed more of her spirit powers.

From the moment her fingers touched the crystal ball till when she picked it up, the spirit powers Jun Wu Xie expended was no less than the amount she would have used after experiencing a big battle. Fortunately she had already attained the fourth stage of the Purple Spirit or she would not be able to last even picking up a single crystal ball.

Jun Wu Xie did not dare to relax even a moment and the moment she picked the crystal ball up, she immediately walked towards a shelf at the side and put the crystal ball in her hand upon the shelf.

It was just some short moments, but the kind of drain it took out of her spirit powers were highly just terrifying.

Glancing around the room and seeing the scatter of crystal balls all over the floor, it could be seen how huge a task stood before Jun Wu Xie.

Just how much spirit power would she need to expend before she would be able to put them all up upon the shelves one by one?
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