Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1540 Poison in the Academy 3
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1540 Poison in the Academy 3

"Waning Moon Chambers? ? !"

"My Lord! You've got to be kidding right?" Tian Ze was a little flustered.

[Letting Jun Wu go to the Waning Moon Chambers, wouldn't that be letting….. that person teach her?]

The little old man arched up an eyebrow. "What? You don't think it's appropriate?"

Tian Ze face twisted up mournfully. [Appropriate? Of course it's inappropriate!]

[That person is the scourge of the Cloudy Brook Academy! Leaving Jun Wu in the hands of that person, this….. how could any good come out of that? Had he really gotten it all wrong all this while? The Lord had not been showing Jun Wu special favour all this while but had wanted the kid killed?]

"But that person's temperament….." Tian Ze was feeling a little worried. He felt that Jun Wu was a rather good kid. Did not talk much and had a steady character. If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't know how to teach the kid, he would have taken him under his wing. He was such a obedient and nice kid, how could the Lord be so hard hearted!

The little old man waved his hand dismissively. "You do not need to bother yourself so much about it. Throughout the entire Cloudy Brook Academy, the only one capable of teaching Jun Wu can only be her. Just have Jun Wu sent over there."

Tian Ze still wanted to fight for Jun Wu Xie but the little old man had already steeled his heart and he wanted Jun Wu Xie pushed into the fire. No matter what Tian Ze said, he refused to change his mind and Tian Ze had no choice but to come out from the study with a highly sorrowful face.

Left with no other choice, Tian Ze made his way to go find Jun Wu Xie, and told Jun Wu Xie to make her way to the Waning Moon Chambers as the little old man had instructed.

When Tian Ze went to speak to Jun Wu Xie, Gu Xin Yan had coincidentally also come to find Jun Wu Xie to maintain a regular presence. With her tiny beautiful face filled with smiles, she stood on one side till Tian Ze left. Gu Xin Yan then suddenly took a step forward to stop Jun Wu Xie from going back into her room.

"Jun Wu, are you really going to the Waning Moon Chambers?" Gu Xin Yan asked, her face looking rather conflicted.

Jun Wu Xie looking in puzzlement at Gu Xin Yan. Gu Xin Yan was rather smart, she was not like other people who showed their intentions so obviously upon their faces. Even if Jun Wu Xie had already guessed at her intentions, but with the way Gu Xin Yan had done it all this time, Jun Wu Xie had not been able to find any fault with her. Even if she wanted to draw the line with her, she had not been able to find a suitable opportunity to do it.

The kindness that Gu Xin Yan had shown Jun Wu Xie, was almost not discernable if any, only occasionally delivering a few necessities. She did not say that much to Jun Wu Xie as well and kept herself at a suitable distance which put people at ease.

Gu Xin Yan saw the questioning look in Jun Wu Xie's eyes and she paused a moment before she said: "I heard from some of my seniors that the person at the Waning Moon Chambers isn't that easy to get along with and none of them dares to go there for no reason. If….. If you are really going there, then you must really be more careful."

Jun Wu Xie nodded and then turned to go back into her room.

When Lin Hao Yu who had come together with Gu Xin Yan saw Jun Wu Xie's cold and icy demeanor, a kind of unspeakable displeasure rose up within his heart. He waited till the room's door was closed before he said angrily: "I'll say Xin Yan, how long are you going to torment yourself till? I understand what you are trying to do but isn't this little brat being too high and mighty? You are being so nice to him all this time and he is always just showing you that hateful and disgusting face, not once appreciating the kindness you have been showing him. People like this, should be left alone for them to die off on their own. If you have not been stopping us, all of us would not have been able to hold ourselves back from giving him a good thrashing already."

The better Gu Xin Yan treated Jun Wu Xie, the more the other disciples of the Blood Fiend Palace hated Jun Wu Xie. All of them could not even wait to butter up Gu Xin Yan to win her favour but that kid was still putting on such airs? Who was he showing that to?

Gu Xin Yan stared wordlessly at Lin Hao Yu for a while before she finally said: "If you don't want to see it then just don't look. No one forced you come here. If I can't even tolerate such a small setback, how could I possibly have the cheek to even say that I am my father's daughter?"
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