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With such a grand gathering, they quickly drew the attention of quite a number of people. The youths who were idling their time by the lakeside quickly nudged themselves besides the pavilion, their eyes peeled and their ears pricked, seeking to pay witness to the gossip that was about to erupt.
All the attendees had arrived, but the atmosphere within the pavilion was still a little strange.

It could be said that not a single person seated under that pavilion at that moment was not a significant or influential entity. Even based just purely on looks, it was a highly beautiful sight to behold.

Besides the delicately featured Jun Wu and Lin Hao Yu who still had had bruises upon him, anyone among that congregation would be able to draw the eyes of everyone.

Qiao Chu's uninhibited wildness, Hua Yao's cold beauty, Rong Ruo's graceful gentleness, Fan Zhuo's dapper grace, with the incomparably handsome looks of Fei Yan while Gu Xin Yan sat with her exquisitely beautiful face. That entire combination just made people unable to turn their eyes away.

But it was just that…..

Even the atmosphere between them was not so tense with sparks almost flying in the air, the situation might have been even more pleasing to the eyes.

Since all attendees were already present, Gu Xin Yan secretly gauged the young men and women she was not that familiar with before her eyes, her heart rather moved by the sight of all of them gathered.

These five people could be said to be the most prominent people of the Battle of Deities Grand Meet that had just passed and the Blood Fiend Palace had previously extended an invitation to all of them. Regretfully, none of the five had accepted it where even Jun Wu had similarly rejected the Blood Fiend Palace's invitation, to accept the Spirit Jade Palace instead.

That was one of the most regretful result the Blood Fiend Palace had suffered and Gu Xin Yan could not help herself but think at that moment that if all of these six people had accepted the Blood Fiend Palace's invitation, then the Blood Fiend Palace would not need to worry about them not being able to reach the peak of the pyramid among the Twelve Palaces.

No need to worry that they would not be able to stand out among heroes.

However, that had all become just wishful thinking and the only thing she was able to fight to win over, was Jun Wu from the Spirit Jade Palace.

She composed her feelings and with a highly disarming smile, Gu Xin Yan said to Qiao Chu and the others: "I troubled all of you to come here today because of some misunderstandings that grew between us over the recent period. Coincidentally, at the break of spring when flowers are blooming, we are able to chat a little here by this lake. If we are able to resolve whatever misunderstanding that exists between us, it would be a rather good bonus to this meeting."

Gu Xin Yan's words were put across rather skillfully that glossed over the situation that the Blood Fiend Palace by quite a bit, to peg the word "misunderstanding" onto everyone there without any finger pointing, like she was there as a mediator, and not targeting at resolving the predicament that the Blood Fiend Palace was suffering under from the other five palaces.

Just by hearing those words from Gu Xin Yan, Fan Zhuo immediately knew that this little lady was not that easy an opponent.

But, though it was true that Gu Xin Yan was smart and intelligent, but unknown to her, the fact was that Qiao Chu and the rest were not really looking out for the interest of the powers they served, and they were not in the least bit worried about blowing up the matter into bigger proportions, even wishing that it would explode in all their faces.

"Har, I'll say this about this little lady. You're a rather pretty looking one but why are your words sounding so ugly? What do you mean by misunderstanding? Are you saying our brains are muddled here? You think we will not know whether there are any misunderstanding? I do not feel that any kind of misunderstanding even exists and you do not have to beat around the bush. The reason you got us to come here, and what you are thinking in your mind, cannot be any clearer to us. Isn't it just because your guys in the Blood Fiend Palace have been thrashed up too badly and you are no longer able to sit back without trying to do something about it? You mean you got us to come here today not because you have softened your stance and intend to apologise to us to beg for a way out for yourselves? Or are you saying….. I have misunderstood this as well?" Qiao Chu blurted out without a care, playing his role as a wild and arrogant youth perfectly, having immersed himself into it quite well.

There was no need to speak about how people from the Blood Fiend Palace would react when they heard that, as even Fei Yan who heard it as he sat on one side almost couldn't hold himself back as the urge to want to bash Qiao Chu up rose inside him.

It was just too infuriating to hear!

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