Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1740 Spilling the Secret 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1740 Spilling the Secret 2

By the time Zi Jin came running to reach the front of Gu Ying's door, she was already panting so hard she was gasping for air. She did not even take a moment to catch her breath but immediately knocked upon Gu Ying's door!

After a moment, Gu Ying opened his room door and when he saw the red faced Zi Jin who was trying hard to catch her breath, his eyes flashed with suspicion a moment but a gentle smile very quickly crept onto that handsome looking face.

"Zi Jin? Why have you come here?" Gu Ying asked Zi Jin smilingly, courteously moving to open up a pathway, to invite Zi Jin inside.

This was the first time that Zi Jin had taken the initiative to come find him, and from the way she was acting, it seemed something had happened.

Over the past few days, Gu Ying had attempted to fish for some information from Zi Jin and although Zi Jin had held back, she had still unwittingly revealed some secrets to him, a point that even Zi Jin was not aware that she did at all.

Zi Jin quickly stepped into the room and waiting till Gu Ying close the door, Zi Jin immediately turned to face Gu Ying, her eyes unnaturally grave.

"Young Master Gu, do you trust me?" Zi Jin suddenly opened her mouth to ask.

Gu Ying was slightly taken aback, but his smile became even more gentle.

"Why would you ask me that?"

Zi Jin was at that moment not in the mood to admire Gu Ying's handsome smile. She was filled with panic, that burned within so much she could not calm herself down.

"You only need to tell me whether you trust me or not."

Gu Ying smiled as he said: "If I do not trust you, for the past few days, would I engage myself in such pleasant conversation with a person I do not trust? And how would I possibly allow a person whom I do not trust, to appear within my dreams?"

Gu Ying's words, were sweet like honey, but did not make one sick with sweetness, and had instead caused the anxiety and panic in Zi Jin's heart to be slowly washed away bit by bit under a clear spring. She drew in a deep breath as she stared at Gu Ying, and suddenly, she raised up a hand onto her face, to tear off that mask that disguised her real countenance.

In the instant that that mask with that highly unremarkable face was torn off, a rather pretty and striking countenance suddenly appeared before Gu Ying's eyes.

"Young Master Gu, I am really sorry. I have been deceiving you over this period of time. I am not a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace. I….. I am from the Spirit Jade Palace….." Zi Jin drummed up all the courage she had, and revealed the truth right before Gu Ying. Towards the lying and subterfuge against Gu Ying, it had been making Zi Jin feeling highly uneasy all this time. Gu Ying was treating her with such pure sincerity, how could she repay him with such lies?

Her actions today, was to prove to Gu Ying, that she was truly sincere.

Mirth glinted within Gu Ying's eyes a brief flash, but his face instead showed utter shock.

"You….." He did not even finish his words when he went walking over to the door, and pressed his ear to listen for any movements outside. Ascertaining that there was no one outside, he then turned himself around, to look sternly at Zi Jin.

"Today, whatever you say and whatever you do, I will treat it as if I do not know anything at all. Before you step out from this Pure Grace Palace, you are a disciple of the Shadow Moon Palace. Under no circumstances must you reveal your real identity. Do you understand?" Gu Ying said, looking at Zi Jin very seriously, his voice stern as he admonished.

Zi Jin bit on her lip. Gu Ying's reaction made her heart feel warm. He had not developed the slightest dislike for her just because she was from the Spirit Jade Palace but was instead showing her so much concern, worrying about the kind of danger that she would be in if her real identity was exposed.

Gu Ying's reaction, fully convinced Zi Jin that the choice she made today, was undeniably the right one.

The fact that Jun Wu wanted to stir up chaos within the Twelve Palaces, she did not object to it. But one must not selfishly drag the innocent into help to in order to achieve their goals!

Zi Jin took a deep breath and then suddenly said: "Young Master Gu, I came here today because I have something I need to say to you."

"You can be straight with me." Gu Ying told her.

Zi Jin summoned up her courage. "Someone seeks to bring harm upon you!"
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