Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
1880 Rumblings of Disorder 3
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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1880 Rumblings of Disorder 3

"Oh?" Jun Wu Xie arched up an eyebrow, and her eyes flashed with a glint.

"They are finally unable to sit back anymore?" Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed up slightly. With the kind of might the Flame Demons Palace and the Blood Fiend Palace possessed, if things had not reached a stage where it was getting out of hand, they would definitely not lower themselves to do something so demeaning to themselves.

Over the past half year, she had not once stepped out from the Shadow Moon Palace and most of the news were brought in by Elder Ying and the two men from the Night Regime. So, even if she had no interaction with the outside world, she still knew clearly about the chaos within the Twelve Palaces throughout this period.

Looks like Qiao Chu and the others had been very successful with their missions and the nails she buried into the Twelve Palaces were taking effect.

The time to deal with the Twelve Palaces had almost come.

Elder Ying was rather surprised to see Jun Wu Xie's reaction.

Could it be that her objective was not just the Shadow Moon Palace?

"Accept their invitation." Jun Wu Xie said.

"Accept? But…. the Shadow Moon Palace no longer has a Palace Lord….." Elder Ying said with mournful expression.

Jun Wu Xie lifted up an eyebrow as she looked at Elder Ying. "Am I not the Palace Lord?"

She had annihilated the Shadow Moon Palace and who would question what she wanted to do in here?

Elder Ying stared with his eyes widened and looked incredulously at Jun Wu Xie. He had a feeling that Jun Wu Xie was going to do something that would shake the world this time.

"Tell the people of the Twelve Palaces that the Shadow Moon Palace has had a change of regime and as to the identity….. Didn't the late Palace Lord have a younger sister?" Jun Wu Xie asked.

"But the previous Shadow Moon Palace Lord's younger sister died when she was very young….. Ah! I understand!" It suddenly dawned upon Elder Ying what Jun Wu Xie was saying.

Many things in the Twelve Palaces were mostly withheld from others outside the palace and there was no way for other palaces to discern the real truth behind many things that happened.

Jun Wu Xie nodded,

"There is one more problem. There is no one in the Shadow Moon Palace anymore, so are we going there with just the few of us here?" Elder Ying was beginning to feel a little awkward.

The Shadow Moon Palace's direct disciples had all been killed and disciples from the branches were too obviously weak. With the Twelve Palaces congregating this time, all the palaces would surely bring only disciples with sufficient power there to give a show of strength, but they were sorely inadequate in this department to buff up appearances.

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand up slightly.

Ye Sha and Ye Gi instantly appeared behind her.

"Young Miss!" The two men greeted with a knee on the ground.

"Have they arrived?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly asked that question that did not make any sense.

"Almost, two weeks at the most to arrival." Ye Sha said.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head in satisfaction.

Elder Ying's face was one of puzzlement.

"When did the Flame Demons Palace guys set the time as?" Jun Wu Xie looked at Elder Ying to ask.

"One month later, close to Mount Fu Yao." Elder Ying replied.

"That is adequate. You do not have to worry about the problem with disciples. I'll make arrangements for that." Jun Wu Xie said.

Although Elder Ying was feeling rather befuddled, he did not dare to probe further. As Jun Wu Xie had not strayed with everything that she had done till this point, he similarly chose to trust her.

"Then I'll go send out the reply." Elder Ying then said.

The Flame Demons Palace's invitation, would need a proper reply.

"Alright." Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Elder Ying had just left but just before he stepped out, his steps had hesitated slightly as he looked at Yue Ye expectantly but Yue Ye was a little shy where she lowered her head, unwilling to return the gaze.

Elder Ying sighed slightly, having no choice but to leave feeling despondent.
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