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The coldly proud young lady suddenly raised her head and looked towards the voice. A tiny figure fell within her eyes and intense feelings immediately rocked her heart.

Fighting down the urge to run towards that person, the young lady then went walking restrainedly towards the newcomer. Before that person, she then bowed gracefully, the corners of her mouth lifting up with a smile that came from deep within her heart.

"I'm here."

Jun Wu Xie looked at the young lady before her eyes, in a matter of a few years, that once innocent and guileless little girl had now grown to become an almost flawlessly beautiful lady.

Qu Ling Yue, the Young Miss of the Thousand Beast City, the Fire Country's Iron Empress, Jun Wu Xie's wife in name.

"An army fifty thousand strong gathered, all of us here as we've been ordered." Qu Ling Yue straightened her back, to raise her hand towards the army fifty thousand strong behind her!

"Respects to Your Majesty!" Fifty thousand soldiers flipped themselves off their horses in together at the same time, falling to one knee by their horses, the orderly roar of their voices soaring up towards the Heavens, the movements of fifty thousand in perfect unison, a grand and majestic sight to the eyes!

Jun Wu Xie raised up her eyes to look at the army gathered before her.

An army come from the Lower Realm, a condensation of Jun Wu Xie's and Jun Wu Yao's sweat and blood.

This army was a gathering of the most elite group of people in the Lower Realm, and Jun Wu Xie saw the familiar figures standing at the forefront of the army.

"Your subordinate Long Qi, pays respect to Young Miss." Long Qi came walking out from within the soldiers, to kneel on one knee right before Jun Wu Xie, his fist held to his chest.

"Your subordinate Mu Chen, pays respect to Young Miss." Mu Chen came up behind, following suit.

"Your subordinate Mu Qian Fan, pays respect to Young Miss!"

"Your subordinate Lei Chen, pays respect to Your Majesty!"

"Your subordinate Mo Qian Yuan, pays respect to Your Majesty!"

"Your subordinate Bai Yun Xian, pays respect to Your Majesty!"

"Your subordinate Yin Yan, pays respect to Your Majesty!"

"Your subordinate Gu Li Sheng, pays respect to Your Majesty….."

Familiar faces came walking out from the gathered army one after another, falling to a kneel in a straight line before Jun Wu Xie.

But among the group of people, Jun Wu Xie did not see the Jun Family's father and son pair and she could not help it as a glint of disappointment flashed in her eyes.

Qu Ling Yue's sharp senses detected Jun Wu Xie's subtle change in emotions and the corners of her mouth then curled up with a faint smile.

"I think, I will not have to pay my respects to you, my little lass right?" A jovial voice suddenly sounded, and Jun Wu Xie immediately lifted her head straight up when she heard that voice.

Jun Qing was clad in a suit of light silver armour, to have suddenly come stand in front of Jun Wu Xie, a splendid smile upon his highly gentle face.

Jun Wu Xie's heart leapt!


Jun Qing smiled as he stepped forward, unable to help himself but to stretch his hand out to rub Jun Wu Xie on her head, his eyes filled with such doting and pampering love.

"Your Grandfather was worried about leaving your Father at home alone and that is why he did not come. But he has words he wants me to bring to you."

Jun Wu Xie's throat was incapable of words. Separated from her family for so long and finally able to reunite, who could understand the kind of feelings surging deep in her heart?

"Your Grandfather said, no matter who your opponent is, you must never bury our Jun Family's name in shame! Twenty thousand men of our Rui Lin Army, I brought them all here for you."

Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath and suddenly took a big step forward to give Jun Qing a humongous hug.

Not even a thousand words, could compare with this warm and close hug.

Jun Qing smiled till his eyes narrowed up as he continued to rub at Jun Wu Xie's little head and he said softly: "You're already the Commander in Chief of our entire Lower Realm, how could still act like such a child. You'll be laughed at."

"Whatever." Jun Wu Xie did not care about any of that. She only knew that she missed her Uncle so much, missed her Grandfather dearly, missed the Lin Palace that she had no seen for so long.

Jun Qing laughed, at a loss for words. All the others tacitly averted their gazes, unwilling to interrupt that highly heartwarming scene of their family reunion who had been apart for so long.

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