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Qu Ling Yue stood quietly at the side smilingly and when Jun Wu Xie left Jun Qing's embrace, she then turned to come before Qu Ling Yue.

Although already the Iron Blood Empress, Qu Ling Yue displayed traces of nervousness and being under Jun Wu Xie's gaze, she seemed to have once again become the puerile Young Chief of the Thousand Beast City.

Meeting Jun Wu Xie's cold clear gaze, Qu Ling Yue was a little ill at ease.

Suddenly, Jun Wu Xie wrapped Qu Ling Yue who was half a head taller than her into her arms, and said in a soft voice: "Thank you." Qu Ling was completely frozen in her spot and her heart felt as if it was about to jump out of her throat, her face filled up with utter shock. When she gradually recovered her senses, she then lowered her head and hugged Jun Wu Xie back.

"It's something I ought to do."

An army of fifty thousand, besides the twenty thousand Rui Lin Army, the rest was made up from the elite forces from the various countries. After the unification of the Lower Realm, these people no longer saw any demarcation of borders between countries, but lived together as one, cultivating with everyone, close as brothers.

Qu Ling Yue and the members of the Jun Family did not hold back in guiding and teaching them all, and the greatest teacher this army had, had in fact been Jun Wu Yao!

In the period after Jun Wu Xie left from the Lower Realm, although Jun Wu Yao went missing frequently, he had still taken out ten days' time every month to guide the people from the Lower Realm in their cultivation, where hadn't Jun Wu Xie with Qiao Chu and gang attained exponential advancement under Jun Wu Yao's guidance as well?

Although the people in the army of the Lower Realm did not possess the kind of gift like Jun Wu Xie and the others had, there were still quite a number of them with great talent as well. In just a short one year's time, the Lower Realm had already seen a surge in the number of Purple Spirits.

The gap between the Lower Realm and the Middle Realm was being closed at a highly alarming rate. 

The army Qu Ling Yue had led here, was in no way inferior to any army in the entire Middle Realm, or they might even be stronger!

Elder Ying and Yue Yi were stunned by everything before their eyes from beginning to the end. They were completely unable to comprehend from where Jun Wu Xie had been able to magically summon such a stalwart and iron blooded divine army. Without mentioning their great number and imposing grandeur, just the bunch of people who had come forward to kneel before Jun Wu Xie alone were all uniformly true Purple Spirits!

From where had this army sprouted out from?

Elder Ying and Yue Yi both had faces of bewilderment. Elder Ying had initially thought that since Jun Wu Xie was from the Dark Regions, the people he expected to come would surely be from the Dark Regions or the Night Regime. But he could clearly see the spirit power levels of all these people here and that meant they were all not people come from the Dark Regions.

But for an army this big and numerous in number, if they had been in the Middle Realm, it was impossible that no one had discovered their existence. Judging purely based on the stalwart air they gave out and their levels of power, it could be seen that they were not a force that any regular power would be able to command, and for such a powerful army, it was impossible they could have escaped detection from the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples.

But despite all that, Elder Ying had never once heard anything about such an army.

The "Rui Lin Army" that Jun Qing mentioned earlier was also something he knew nothing about.

And what shocked Elder Ying even more was that such a large army completely deferred to Jun Wu Xie command. From their stern gaze of reverence and stalwart demeanor, it could be seen the kind of extent that they revered Jun Wu Xie. Such a kind of almost fanatical adulation, was something that the Twelve Palaces were unable to achieve!

Elder Ying's gaze then unconsciously shifted to look upon Jun Wu Xie's back.

[Who is this mysterious young lady of unknown origins?]

[Why does she have people from the Dark Regions' Night Regime by her side and possesses such a mysterious and powerful army! ?]

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