Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2059 Insidious Plot 1
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2059 Insidious Plot 1

"A bunch of idiots. Do they really think that getting the fourth Serene Spirit Tower is something great?" Qiao Chu said with a scornful smirk upon hearing what they said. What Flame Dragon and Poison Ivy did was smart, but it was obvious that their fellow spirits of their races were not as smart as them.

"Without the Spiritual Bear, it is not possible for the fourth Serene Spirit Tower to finish its construction. Wu Jiu will only continue to drag it out." Jun Wu Xie was instead calm and composed before such a situation. The desire to pursue stronger power would often cause spirits to lose their heads, leading them to wander off the original paths they treaded upon.

Having come to understand Spirit Reinforcement more and more, Jun Wu Xie was then certain that without the Spiritual Bear, there was no way Wu Jiu would be able to complete the fourth Serene Spirit Tower as to activate such a great number of Spirit Reinforcements runes, it required a sufficiently robust amount of the power of the spirit and it must come from a single source or it would not activate. Moreover, the Spirit Fire on the twelfth level also required the soul of a powerful spirit to be refined for it to form, and spirits that were able to provide such an immense amount of power of the spirit was few and far between, with the Spiritual Bear being one being one of the rare few, or otherwise, why would Wu Jiu expend so much resources to capture the Spirit Bear?

Jun Wu Xie did not know what kind of a powerful spirit was sacrificed for the construction of the other three Serene Spirit Towers but for the current fourth tower, it would seem like Wu Jiu only had one single choice that was the Spiritual Bear.

The Spiritual Bear's frailty before had been exactly because its power of the spirit had been extracted and put into the fourth Serene Spirit Tower and Wu Jiu was unable to swap the spirit halfway, making the Spiritual Bear his only choice.

Poison Ivy then said: "I am certain Mistress' deduction is correct. But, Wu Jiu captured the previous Spirit Master yesterday."

"What?" Jun Wu Xie was slightly taken aback.

Although she had not met the previous Spirit Master before, she knew that he was once the leader of the human spirits. But because of a certain someone standing right behind her, the previous Spirit Master felt he let down the Spirit Lord, and went on to give up on the glory he enjoyed before, to go into seclusion. But though the previous Spirit Master lived in seclusion, his standing and influence did not fade from the minds of the human spirits. Added to the fact that he was Wu Jiu's and Nalan Shan's Master, how could Wu Jiu possibly dare to capture the previous Spirit Master just like that?

"Wu Jiu pegged some baseless crime onto the Spirit Master and placed the previous Spirit Master under house arrest. He then released news that if Nalan Shan did not appear with the fugitive brown bear, then he would have no choice but to inflict harm upon the previous Spirit Master." Poison Ivy did not go into details about the kind of method Wu Jiu had employed to capture the previous Spirit Master, or how he had pegged the crime onto the heads of Brownie and Nalan Shan. But just thinking about it and one would know that it was all just one insidious plot.

"He is doing this to force Nalan Shan to hand over the Spiritual Bear. " Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed up slightly. Wu Jiu had ignored the controversy and placed his own Master under house arrest to coerce his fellow disciple, a despicable and maniacal act. But from Poison Ivy's narration, Jun Wu Xie did not hear a single thing about any spirits raising any questions.

"Wu Jiu had drawn the Weapon Spirits over to his side and the Beast Spirits had suffered great losses in the battle before. On top of that, with Flame Dragon's position weakened, there was no one who could lead the Beast Spirits to sufficiently question the situation. The Plant Spirits just could not be bothered with the affairs of other spirit races and would naturally not stick their noses in. Wu Jiu's repute among the human spirits has already surpassed that of the previous Spirit Master and because of the construction of the Serene Spirit Towers, the human spirits had longed obeyed his every word. Together with the support of the Weapon Spirits, the entire matter succeeded almost without encountering any resistance." Poison Ivy related with his brows creased up. He knew clearly that the actions of Wu Jiu were despicable but there wasn't anyone that would be able to stop Wu Jiu anymore at this point. There was nothing anyone could do but to wait for Nalan Shan to appear with the Spiritual Bear and there was no way of turning it all around.
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