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Soul Slayer did not care one bit about what the previous Spirit Master had done. It was feeling a little impatient as it looked at Wu Jiu, seemingly urging him about something.

Wu Jiu nodded his head slightly at Soul Slayer, seemingly in reassurance.

The entire place outside the Serene Spirit Tower erupted with incessant waves of debate. Some lamented on the previous Spirit Master's fall into depravity, some accused the previous Spirit Master of vile malice, and some others just waited to watch the great show that was about to commence.

Humans were the most complicated creatures under the Heavens. When they are born, they are all ignorant and innocent babies. But divergent experiences and varying environments with different people around them makes them feels different emotions, gradually changing their mindsets and hearts, to have them slowly grow up to become people who are completely disparate.

The human heart is highly prone to changes, and the talk in the world outside will easily change a person's heart and mind.

The previous Spirit Master did not harbour any hatred towards the admonishments directed upon him, and he did not complain, but merely looked slightly desolate and helpless against it.

As a human, he knew the ugliness of the human heart more clearly than anyone.

He did not blame the fickleness of those people, but only blamed the complexity and ugliness that pervaded the world.

"That's enough!" Suddenly, a rage filled roar sounded out from behind the mass of human spirits.

All spirits turned towards the source of that voice in an instant, to see Nalan Shan come walking out on his own from among the spirits, the eyes upon that gently handsome countenance, showing rage they had never shown before!

Wu Jiu straightened himself in his seat, an elbow supported on his knee. His body leaned forward slightly, as he looked at Nalan Shan who had come as expected.

"Junior Nalan, you're here at last."

Nalan Shan's furious eyes swept over Wu Jiu, refusing to acknowledge him. His gaze then fell upon the previous Spirit Master, the eyes filling up with pain and agony. He went walking quickly to go before the previous Spirit Master, and suddenly fell on both knees to the ground, to kowtow three times before the previous Spirit Master, his head knocking on the ground loudly.

The sounds were so loud that it made the previous Spirit Master open his eyes suddenly.

"Your disciple Nalan Shan has caused Master to suffer such great humiliation. Your disciple has been incompetent and I beg for Master to punish me!" Nalan Shan knelt before the previous Spirit Master, his heart filled with remorse and self reproach.

The previous Spirit Master had been calm throughout but upon seeing Nalan Shan with his eyes brimming with tears in self reproach, the previous Spirit Master's eyes grew red rimmed as well.

Similarly a disciple of his, Nalan Shan's personality was simple and honest, one who disliked conflicts, his temperament most gentle. Compared to the intelligent and astute Wu Jiu of the past, Nalan Shan had seemed so unremarkable. As their Master, the previous Spirit Master had been more satisfied with Wu Jiu, a disciple who possessed remarkable gift, with a great gift of the gab. He had liked Nalan Shan as well, but not in the same way he saw Wu Jiu.

Back when the previous Spirit Master had given up on his position, and had to pass down his position of the Spirit Master, he had hesitated then.

Whether he should pass down the position to Wu Jiu with surpassing intelligence, or the gentle and kindly Nalan Shan.

In the end, considering that the responsibility of being the Spirit Master was very heavy, and Nalan Shan's character was too gentle where he would not be resolute enough, he had then handed the position over to Wu Jiu.

Never had he thought that the decision he made back then would turn out so laughable today.

The disciple that he had been satisfied with had imprisoned him in the dungeon and Nalan Shan whom he had felt to be lacking had still showed up despite knowing full well that it was trap in order to save him. Upon seeing him, Nalan Shan had not complained a single word, but was instead filled with self reproach.

Such kinship, such filial piety, caused the previous Spirit Master's heart to wince with pain, hating that fact that he was not able to turn back time and reset it all. He would definitely not choose to nurture a tiger to bring upon calamity, and cause the truly loyal Nalan Shan to suffer such aggrievement.

"Get up, get up quickly. Master is the one who let you down, and brought harm onto you." The previous Spirit Master said, his voice trembling.

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