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Jun Wu Xie was not intending to tell them about the origins of the Face of Selvan.

"Oh? What if I refuse to tell you?" Jun Wu Xie said rather fearlessly.

The fake Spirit Lord narrowed his eyes, and a sneer hung over the ends of his mouth.

"You really are not afraid of death are you? You're just a tiny little human spirit and you dare to speak to me like this. Are you aware that the entire Spirit World is created by me? And you here, are just a mere ant in my hand whom I can kill whenever I want. How are you even able to stop me at all? I am giving you a chance here and you do not care for it at all. Are you tired of living?"

"This Spirit World is created by you?" Jun Wu Xie raised an eyebrow slightly, and the eyes looking at the fake Spirit Lord seemed as if they was staring at a joke.

The fake Spirit Lord hated to see those eyes very much. He just could not understand why a tiny insignificant human spirit that he could easily crush to death would come challenge his might with complete disregard for her own life.

"If not me, could it then possibly be you?"

Jun Wu Xie laughed lightly, but but continued to look at the fake Spirit Lord with those eyes filled with ridicule.

Suddenly, a slightly young and childish sounding voice rang out within the grand hall!

"As to who was the one that created the Spirit World, I think, no one knows it better than I do."

The moment that voice fell, a small little figure suddenly came walking into the grand hall from outside, to stand right beside Jun Wu Xie!

When that figure appeared, it immediately caused the fake Spirit Lord and Wu Jiu to stare with their eyes wide, incredulity rising to show within them!

The person standing beside Jun Wu Xie was not anyone else but the one that had been imprisoned by Wu Jiu for a hundred years, the real ruler of the Spirit World, the Spirit Lord!

"You….." The fake Spirit Lord stared at the face he had not seen for such a long time, high crashing waves surging within his heart. The Spirit Lord had been held in captivity for a hundred years, and restrained by six thick lengths of reinforced Soul Binding Chains. Not to mention that the Spirit Lord's current power was already far from being as strong as before, but even when the Spirit Lord was at the peak of his power, he would still not have been able to break those restraints.

But, the person who should not have appeared the most was now standing there blatantly right before them, and that scene was something the fake Spirit Lord and Wu Jiu had least expected!

The Spirit Lord's icy gaze swept over the fake Spirit Lord and Wu Jiu, the suffering of having been imprisoned for a hundred years causing a sliver of hatred to grow from his heart for the first time. His seemingly weak and frail body then suddenly burned with a raging spirit fire, and the air within the grand hall immediately turned thick and heavy!

"You had not expected this have you? I've regained my freedom." The Spirit Lord said in a cold voice, his words filled with so much rage and aggrievement it was terrifying to see.

Wu Jiu stared in shock at the Spirit Lord that had suddenly appeared, his gaze suddenly turning towards Jun Wu Xie. On Jun Wu Xie's face, a faint smile rose up, and though it was faint, it felt highly taunting and filled with ridicule.

"It's you! You were the one that freed him? Impossible….. How could you possibly be capable of that." Wu Jiu asked as he glared with Jun Wu Xie. He had thought that with Jun Wu Xie locked up in the dungeon, the fate that awaited her was only for her to be absorbed by the Spirit Fire. Never could he ever have thought that his casual handling of the matter would bring such dire consequences.

It was as if anything that happened when it came to Jun Wu Xie, would no longer be normal.

Jun Wu Xie merely looked at Wu Jiu and the fake Spirit Lord calmly, her eyes not showing the slightest emotion.

"A hundred years' imprisonment. What you have given to me, I will definitely return it all to you today!" The Spirit Lord said, his eyes flashing with intense hatred. He could no longer tolerate how he had been locked with in solidarity, and could no longer tolerate the fact that Wu Jiu and the fake Spirit Lord was seeking to use the Spirit World to initiate such a maniacally cruel blood sacrifice!

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