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"And you think you can?" The fake Spirit Lord recovered from his shock and he stared at the Spirit Lord who looked to be only about seven or eight years old through narrowed eyes, suddenly laughing out loud.

"Just how laughable is this? So what if you have regained your freedom? Do you really think the current you are qualified to stand against me? For me to crush you to death, it's as easy as crushing an ant. I spared you your dog's life for so many years only to use you to maintain the Spirit World, or otherwise, I have thousands and thousands of ways to make you disappear from this world. Do you really think that I do not dare to kill you? Since I was able to throw you into captivity once, I will be able to capture you another time." The corners of the fake Spirit Lord's lips hooked up into an extremely cruel smile, an icy chill rising up into his eyes. The venomous pair of eyes narrowed and his gaze slithered over the Spirit Lord's frail figure, overflowing with contempt.

"I can only say that you're so foolish. You had foolishly treated Wu Jiu as your most trusted aide in the beginning, to foolishly fall into my trap. So many years have passed and not only have you not learnt anything from it, you have become even more foolish instead. Having regained freedom and you did not even think of running away but come here with delusions of fighting me? Hahaha….. How could such a foolish spirit like you have possibly created the Spirit World?" The fake Spirit Lord had been greatly pricked by the words he heard and he was using the most venomous words he could to slice into the Spirit Lord's heart. "But it is to be expected. It is exactly because of your foolishness that it has made all the spirits in the Spirit World become as incurably foolish as you. Or, how else would they be driven to split apart into such disunity?"

"What a bunch of sad and pitiful bunch of spirits, for them to be unable to even recognize their own Spirit Lord. It merely took a little it of scheming and trickery and I was able to make them go at each other's throats. Tell me….. spirits that are so stupid, what use would they be alive? Why not just feed them to the Spirit Fire where they would at least have done something impressive which would make them more useful." The fake Spirit Lord said highly arrogantly.

The shade of the Spirit Lord's face changed. Even though he had been trapped within the dungeons all these years, but Wu Jiu had gone to see him frequently, most likely with the aim of ridiculing him for his incompetence, and more to brag and flaunt their achievements. So, even though he had not been able to leave the dungeons, the Spirit Lord still knew very much about the things that had been happening in the Spirit World.

The human spirits had thought that the Serene Spirit Towers would bring to them great powers and they wrecked their brains wanting to enter into the Serene Spirit Towers to cultivate, not knowing that they would end up becoming nourishment to feed the Spirit Fire in the Serene Spirit Towers.

And the construction of the fourth Serene Spirit Tower had even caused the Weapon Spirits and the Beast Spirits to become entangled in battle.

And all of this was known by the Spirit Lord, as Wu Jiu had seen that to be a form of torment for the Spirit Lord, where he frequently sent people to go gossip into his ears.

"Aren't you afraid of retribution by doing all this! ?" The Spirit Lord just could not imagine that anyone could be so hard hearted and merciless under the Heavens where they could really take the lives of others to be used as chips to achieve their aims.

"Retribution?" The fake Spirit Lord raised up an eyebrow. He then looked with a pitying gaze at the ashen faced Spirit Lord and said: "Talking about retribution, you're really so childish to bring up such a ridiculous argument. Instead of throwing such a superfluous concept like retribution at me, why not think about yourself instead? You have so wholeheartedly striven to create a paradise for spirits, but what did you get in the end? Having your spirit weakening as the days passed, to harbour a bunch of fools with malice in their hearts. Tell me….. could this be punishment from the Heavens for your foolishness? All those ignorant spirits have no right to live in this world and allowing them to become sacrifices to achieve the grand plan would be a deed of inestimable honour for them."

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