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"Enough!" The Spirit Lord shouted loudly, interrupting the inhuman words of the fake Spirit Lord.

"Whatever state the Spirit World is in, is not for you to say! This place is home to all the spirits! And we do not welcome disgusting fellows like you here."

The fake Spirit Lord laughed contemptuously and Wu Jiu snorted derisively from the side.

"Don't you feel that having you say all this now is just so laughable? My dear esteemed Spirit Lord, I kept you around only because you created this Spirit World and only while you're alive would the Spirit World not disappear. Keep that benevolence of yours away now. Before absolute power, that is just too funny." Wu Jiu said as he looked at the Spirit Lord, not showing the slightest remorse for his betrayal, but exhibiting only the gleeful arrogance of victory.

The Spirit Lord's face was turning green from rage towards Wu Jiu's and the fake Spirit Lord's echoing words. He had never been a spirit that was all that eloquent as he had always only been around simple and pure hearted spirits, so how could he possibly understand the mind of such vicious people.

It was precisely because of the Spirit Lord's benevolent personality that he had drained his own powers to create the Spirit World where he had then fallen to Wu Jiu's scheme so unguardedly.

It was at that moment that the Spirit Lord realized what was truly terrifying was not the Dark Emperor's invasion, but was instead malicious and cunning plots such as this.

What the Dark Emperor brought to them, was more of a kind of deterrent pressure for them to submit to him, but all of that had been straightforward and clear. Even though the Dark Emperor unified the Middle Realm under one rule back then, there had not been any crafty plotting or wicked scheming. It might have been due to the Dark Emperor's might that he did not need to do any of that. The Spirit Lord did not think that the Dark Emperor's reign in the past was any good but compared to Wu Jiu, he would rather accept the Dark Emperor's rule.

Afterall, all the spirits in the Spirit World were safe at that time, and as long as they submitted themselves to his rule, they would not be harmed, and were even accorded a corresponding level of protection.

But in Wu Jiu's world, there were only plots and schemes, where under that dignified looking face, was a heart more cruel and vicious than an animal, selfish, ruthless….. That's what was truly terrifying!

"Oh? Absolute power?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly opened her mouth to speak, and both the fake Spirit Lord and Wu Jiu turned to look at her.

Regardless of how miniscule and insignificant they felt that Jun Wu Xie was, there was one point that they could not deny. Everytime that Jun Wu Xie appeared, it would always disrupt their original plans. It was the case when capturing the Spiritual Bear, and the same when imprisoning her in the dungeons.

They just could not fathom how so many unimaginable and incredulous things could possibly manifest out from that petite and little young lady.

"Right. Absolute power. Just like you and your companions are unable to retaliate at all before me. Lowly weaklings can only submit themselves to what fate has laid out for them. All of you do not possess the ability to resist at all and in my eyes, you are all merely like a bunch of defenceless and helpless dogs." The fake Spirit Lord said threateningly with his eyes narrowed, the venom spewing from his mouth terrifying.

The smile then faded from the corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth as she raised her head up, her icy cold gaze sweeping over the fake Spirit Lord.

Without knowing why, being stared at by those eyes of Jun Wu Xie's, it made one shiver when one did not feel cold at all.

Even the confident and haughty fake Spirit Lord gradually restrained the smile on his face under Jun Wu Xie's gaze, a strange fear swirling in his heart. That feeling had struck him for no good reason but it could clearly be felt.

"I hope, that the two of you will not regret what you have just said earlier." Jun Wu Xie said slowly, her clear voice echoing in the ears of the fake Spirit Lord and Wu Jiu.

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