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But it was till today in the instant when Jun Wu Yao delivered that one single strike that Poison Ivy and Flame Dragon realized their thinking before could not be any more laughable…..

[Not that great a difference?]

[Are you joking! ?]

[Jun Wu Yao's powers had truly far surpassed the limits of anything they could imagine!

The fake Spirit Lord's powers and the Spirit Lord's power was not that far different. But before Jun Wu Yao, those powers made them useless pieces of trash that were unable to retaliate at all.

Flame Dragon and Poison Ivy immediately understood that this man who had once unified the entire Middle Realm under his reign was mighty way beyond anything they could imagine and the Spirit Lord's decision to lead the entire Spirit World to submit at the feet of the Dark Emperor could not have been a more correct decision to make!

[Going against this great demon lord with such heaven defying powers?]

[What else could it be but to court death! ?] 

"Everytime I see Big Brother Wu Yao bash people up, I always feel such an indescribable comfort deep inside." Qiao Chu said as he rubbed at his chin, his eyes sparkling as he stared at Jun Wu Yao's back.

[This here is what true might is!]

The holder of absolute might, where it reflects the true meaning of a supreme existence capable of executing an instant kill of all powerful pugilists!] 

"If I am able to achieve even one percent of Big Brother Wu Yao's power in this life, I will be content." Fei Yan said as he clutched at his chest, his worship of Jun Wu Yao like the endless torrents of a raging river, flowing out incessantly.

At that moment, however hopeless Wu Jiu and the Spirit Lord felt, Qiao Chu and the others were feeling equally just as excited!

Jun Wu Yao would clearly not spare Wu Jiu and the fake Spirit Lord who had the audacity to imprison Jun Wu Xie. His fingers hooked up slightly and two streams of black mist immediately shot towards the fake Spirit Lord in an instant to immediately wind around their necks, and lifting them up into the air.

"Dark Emperor….. Mercy….." Wu Jiu's face was already tear streaked and sobbing with terror. He had thought that Jun Wu Xie and the others had not known what was for their own good and came running here to seek death, never having expected that the ones courting death was themselves instead!

With such a great demon lord standing behind them like a deity, where in the entire Middle Realm would Jun Wu Xie and the others not be able to reach?

"Hmm?" Jun Wu Yao glimpsed at Wu Jiu lazily, and the black mist choking Wu Jiu's neck immediately tightened.

Spirits did not need to breathe and strangling their necks would not bring them any discomfort. But that only applied to other people. In the instant when the black mist constricted, Wu Jiu immediately felt a strong surge of power spreading out from his neck, his entire body feeling as if it was being struck by lightning, the pain so agonizing that he almost lose consciousness!

"ARRGGGHHH!" A pitiful wail exploded out from Wu Jiu's mouth, his entire body twitching violently in midair.

Spirits did not share the limitations of a flesh body and unless they suffered highly severe trauma, it was hard for them to lose consciousness. Jun Wu Yao had struck right at the very edge of the boundaries before they would faint, so that they would suffer the most immense torment, while at the same time maintaining consciousness.

People who had the temerity to harm Little Xie. How could he possibly let them die off so easily?

Wu Jiu already could not speak at all, but to only wail pitifully in agony.

And the fake Spirit Lord's situation was not any better than him in any way. He had already been severely injured by Jun Wu Yao's first strike earlier, but as his power of the spirit was stronger than Wu Jiu's, the amount of hurt he could withstand was also higher by a few folds. Jun Wu Yao had naturally not treated him kindly, and the additional torment he inflicted upon him caused the fake Spirit Lord's face to turn from white to purple, the pain so excruciating he could not even make himself cry out, every single spot upon his body feeling like he was being burnt within a blazing fire!

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