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Rolly's face was one of bewilderment from being kicked as its adorable face turned to look puzzledly at Qiao Chu, seemingly asking its own Master why he was interrupting its meal.

Qiao Chu signalled with his eyes towards Brownie, his lips pursed up and gesturing wordlessly.

Rolly turned its head to look at Brownie and then looked at Jun Wu Xie whose face was in some sort of a dilemma before finally staring at the half eaten bamboo in its paws…..

In the end, Rolly gave up on the bamboo it held in its paws and crawled lumberingly towards Brownie.

"Roar roar! !" With a great bear pounce, Rolly pushed Brownie who was one size smaller down into the ground and two bear spirits, one dark gold and the other black and white rolled together into a ball as Rolly clasped its paws affectionately around Brownie's neck.
The sudden and unexpected show of affection shocked Brownie. Feeling the passion from Rolly's embrace, the eager anticipation towards hearing Jun Wu Xie's reply was then quickly diluted.

The kind of significance the Spiritual Bear was to Beast Spirits was naturally self evident. Since Qiao Chu and the others were going to leave the Spirit World, Rolly, the Double Headed Bone Snake and the others would naturally have to follow. Hence, towards the affection that Rolly was showing, Brownie had not suspected a thing.

It was not known, that all of that was however clearly seen by the eyes of Nalan Shan and the Spirit Lord. They had already noticed the hesitance in Jun Wu Xie's eyes all along.

Although there was Jun Wu Yao with them who was able to freely bring them in and out of the Spirit World, but they were afterall not spirits who lived in the Spirit World. They were still very much alive, living beings that existed in the mortal realm. Their companions were not just these here in the Spirit World, but also family and friends outside the Spirit World, ties they could not sever just like that.

The Spirit Lord knew clearly that after Jun Wu Xie leaves the Spirit World, she would definitely investigate into the Upper Realm's Sacrificial Array, and one need not need to even think to know the kind of danger she would be in. Not to mention being able to come back to the Spirit World often, just wanting to protecting herself would already be taking up a great big part of her energy.

And because of that, all the others merely looked on as Rolly diverted Brownie's attention away and did not say a single word to expose Brownie's actions.

"I have not thanked you properly for all that happened before. If not for you, I fear I would already have disappeared." Nalan Shan said with a smile on his face as he turned his gaze away from Brownie, lifting up the wine glass before him to look at Jun Wu Xie.

That day, he was so severely injured by Wu Jiu that even he himself had thought he would undoubtedly die this time. He had not thought that he would still wake up to see another day till the moment he discovered himself hidden within darkness and his hand felt the Spirit Reinforcement runes carved into the ground around him. That was when he knew clearly that he was really still alive.

Everything after that made Nalan Shan realize that the reason he was able to still live was all due to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie had used Spirit Reinforcement to stabilize its gradually dispersing soul and had made use of those final moments just before the fake Spirit Lord reached them to inscribe Spirit Reinforcement runes that concealed spirit aura around him. Otherwise, with the state that he was in, not to mention whether Wu Jiu who hated him to the bone would have immediately taken his life, even if he was just thrown into the dungeon and left on his own, it wouldn't even be an hour before he would succumb and die from his injuries, without any possibility for revival!

To him, Jun Wu Xie was the benefactor who saved his life, and that was a debt of gratitude he would never be able to forget.


With the level of powers he possessed, it was not enough to help Jun Wu Xie much.

Jun Wu Xie picked up the cup of clear tea before her and clinked it lightly against Nalan Shan's raised cup before she finished it in a single gulp. With everything that have happened in the Spirit World, some were good and some were bad, but regardless of that, she would never forget it.

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