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Jun Wu Xie's voice was soft, but it caused Gu Xin Yan to startle slightly, and the corners of her mouth could not help but rise to reveal a faint bitter smile.

That was really cold and cruel.

Gu Xin Yan's heart winced with pain upon hearing Jun Wu Xie's words, the emotions suppressed in her heart indecipherable as thick depressing hurt filled her heart.


How was she able to do that? Not to mention that she had saved her life in the end, even if she were to disregard that debt of gratitude, how was she expected to be able to strike at the owner of that pair of eyes?

WIth that bitter smile at the edges of her mouth, she knew it was useless no matter what she said. Jun Wu Xie did not fear her exacting revenge, or it could be said that Jun Wu Xie did not even care whether she hated her at all. All of this caused a wincing pain to tug at Gu Xin Yan's heart and the wisp of sentiments she held hidden deep in her heart was finally quashed to never again see the light of day again.

"I will never harm you, no matter whether you believe me or not." Gu Xin Yan said with a bitter smile. She raised her head up, and her limpid eyes swept fleetingly over Jun Wu Xie's divinely beautiful countenance. In the past, the people of the Twelve Palaces had always said that she, Gu Xin Yan, was the top beauty of the Twelve Palaces, none of them knowing that before Jun Wu Xie, what her own looks would even count as. Even Gu Ying's biological mother, the princess known to be the greatest beauty of the Nine Temples, when placed before Jun Wu Xie's looks, had been deemed to have lost much of its lustre.

The young lady before her eyes, was coldly beautiful, possessing a pair of bright eyes that exuded steady calm. If she had not fallen in love with this pair of eyes back then, then maybe….. she would never have to experience the pain and despair she was feeling today.

Never to seek, never able to obtain…..

Gu Xin Yan did not say anything more, but just nodded her head slightly at Jun Wu Xie.

She had remained at the Spirit Jade Palace, only to be able to see Jun Wu Xie once more. With her wish now achieved, there was no need for her to continue to remain here. The shadow that had been branded right in her soul could not be wiped away, and she would not be able to remain at Jun Wu Xie's side, remaining behind, would only bring her increasing grief.

Gu Xin Yan left, not bringing anything with her, and wearing only the clothes from when she had been saved, she departed from the Spirit Jade Palace's branch silently. No one knew where she went and did not even know that she had left so quietly.

After Jun Wu Xie knew about it, she let out a long sigh. Under the night sky, Jun Wu Xie stood upon the city's gates, to gaze out into the boundless land, her heart heavy with thoughts.

She missed her family, missed the Lin Palace, missed her Grandfather, Uncle, missed Little Jue whom she saw as her little brother, missing very much more all the warm and peaceful times she had.

She had thought that she would be able to return back to the Lower Realm after she came out from the Spirit World, to reunite with her family. Never had she expected that she would accidentally stumble upon such a thing about the Sacrifice of the Three Realms.

This was a catastrophe for the Three Realms and Jun Wu Xie could not afford to not try to put a stop to it. Otherwise, she would lose everything she had in her hands, things that she had not possessed in her previous life…..

Every small little bit of it all, to her, was exceptionally precious.

Jun Wu Yao stepped up onto the top of the city gates. Seeing Jun Wu Xie standing there staring into the cold night wind, he quietly wrapped her small petite body within his arms.

Hidden in the shadows outside the city gates, Gu Xin Yan stood looking up at the two people locked in a tight embrace, her heart feeling a cold emptiness. She had not been in a hurry to leave, and had paced back and forth outside the city. But with this last look, it strengthened her resolve to leave. 

Gu Xin Yan left without a sound, unaware that under an enormous tree not too far away from her, the girl wearing a mask had been just like her, lifting her head up to look at the two people up there upon the city's gates, the eyes showing through the mask filled with an indescribable emotion.

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