Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2144 Heaven Defying Breakthrough 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2144 Heaven Defying Breakthrough 2

The Gold Spirit was power at the highest peak in the Middle Realm. Looking throughout the entire Middle Realm, only the Nine Temple Lords of the Nine Temples held such a level of power.

Never had the past generations of Palace Lords of the Twelve Palaces ever seen one who did not seek to attain the Gold Spirit. But the requirements the Gold Spirit called for was not just as simple as cultivation, but it had something to do directly with one's soul. Regardless how gifted one was, if the aptitude of their spirit soul was inadequate, even if they cultivated for hundreds or thousands of years, they would never be able to attempt for the Gold Spirit.

To the people of the Middle Realm, the Gold Spirit was a realm that was almost legendary. Only the Nine Temple Lords of the Nine Temples had such ability. It must be known that after the Nine Temples were established, they had never once had a change of Temple Lords. The Nine Temples had existed in the Middle Realm for as long as several thousand years and the Nine Temple Lords have lived for those thousands of years….. Several thousand years of cultivation, and add that to their great aptitude, all this then gave them the opportunity to step into the realm of the Gold Spirit. In these several thousand years for the Twelve Palaces, not a single person had possessed that kind of power. Not just the Twelve Palaces, since time immemorial in the Middle Realm, there had only been nine Gold Spirits!

And Ye Sha would never in his dreams ever thought that Jun Wu Xie would be charging straight for the Gold Spirit after just spending one year's time in the Spirit World!

Although he had never gone to the Spirit World himself personally, Ye Sha had heard of things about the Spirit World from Jun Wu Yao before. Nothing had ever been as Heaven defying as Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie was stunned for quite a good while. The sudden incredible increase in spirit power had caught her slightly unprepared. In sudden realization, she came to understand why Jun Wu Yao would want to take the effort to insist to bring her into the Spirit World to temper her spirit. No wonder Jun Wu Yao had said, to want to possess truly great power, one had to work upon one's very spirit soul!


This was a little too ridiculous.

Jun Wu Xie was shocked by her own increase in powers. She had previously thought that even f she cultivated for a year in the Spirit World, spirit power and power of the spirit were two completely different things. Even if it really helped, it would at most enable her to breakthrough to the Silver Spirit.

Never had she thought…..

That she was going to breakthrough to the Gold Spirit?

"Where is Wu Yao?" Jun Wu Xie suddenly raised her head up and looked at Ye Sha to ask.

Ye Sha immediately replied: "Lord Jue has gone to check the destroyed rune totem in the city."

Jun Wu Xie nodded, still feeling that the growth in her powers was just too terrifying.

Not knowing that…..

Such an increase in her powers was most logically and to be expected. Things that could attract Jun Wu Yao's eyes were rare and few throughout the world. The fact that he would take the effort to bring Jun Wu Xie to the Spirit World meant that he had his reasons for doing so. Not to mention that Jun Wu Xie had two souls living in one body, spirit souls were by nature equipped to devour. Even if she had not devoured any spirits in the Spirit World, with the power of the spirit so thick and robust in the Spirit World, she would only need to just remain in there and she would be able to gain such powers. But it was impossible to turn such power into power of the spirit and it had instead become a source that propped up her spirit powers! 

Added to that, Jun Wu Xie managed to develop Spirit Reinforcement runes that sped up the elevation of her power of the spirit, which grew her power of the spirit at a Heaven defying rate. She used just a year's time to cultivate to a level that other spirits were not able to achieve in a hundred years and due to the effects of the Spirit Tree's seed, it allowed her power of the spirit to slowly meld together with her spirit powers bit by bit, which brought together the factors for her to attain powers almost breaking through to the Gold Spirit!

Such a level of power gave Jun Wu Xie sheer delight. What she lacked most now was strong powers and since she was seeking to disrupt the Upper Realm's plan, the Purple Spirit was no longer adequate.

"I'll go look for him." Jun Wu Xie suddenly stood up to say, deciding that she should go ask Jun Wu Yao about it properly.
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