Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2157 Reinforcements from All Sides 1
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2157 Reinforcements from All Sides 1

The Spirit Jade Palace's disciples gathered within the main hall. Their numbers were not that many due to the long period of persecution but every single one of them were fiercely loyal. After the Spirit Jade Palace took over everything that the Twelve Palaces left behind and they had more members joining them, those new members were deployed to the various branches. All those in the who remained in the main Spirit Jade Palace were women who had followed the Spirit Jade Palace the entire way.

Granny Yue stood before everyone, her hunched back now straightened, her eyes bright and full of life, looking like she had become younger.

Although there were so many people gathered there, they were exceptionally quiet, every pair of their eyes looking up at the elevated primary seat in the main hall.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord came in slowly, his suit of fiery red armour eliciting a bout of surprised gasps under all those gazes.

They had never seen their Palace Lord looking like this.

Only Granny Yue stood there with tears brimming in her eyes, seemingly holding herself back from crying.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord planted his feet down firmly before everyone's surprised gazes as the masked girl stood at his side without a word.

"For so many years, our Spirit Jade Palace have lived in seclusion, hiding deep within the mountains, the days hard and harsh, never once thinking that we'll be able to see the sun in the sky again one day. All here are disciples of our Spirit Jade Palace and you must all remember, under the Heavens, there are but two whom our Spirit Jade Palace owes a great debt of benevolence. One of them is the Cloudy Brook Academy's Headmaster, and the second person is Jun Wu Xie who helped us to be able to see the light of day once more. These two people have saved our Spirit Jade Palace from fiery pits one after the other and if not for their help, I fear our Spirit Jade Palace would already have been destroyed. I have gathered all of you here today for just one matter of grave importance." The usual lazy slothfulness on the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's face had been swept clean away and on it now, was a look of strong and imposing resolve. His gaze swung over the crowd and he continued on.

"Our two benefactors' loved ones have fallen into tumultuous disaster and Miss Jun is determined to embark upon a rescue. The Spirit Jade Palace is never one to forget benevolence shown to us and when our benefactors are trapped in such a difficult situation, all of us cannot possibly stand by and watch with our hands in our sleeves. I hereby announce that the Spirit Jade Palace shall follow at Miss Jun's side, and vow to save the person she seeks to rescue. With such a decision, I will have to tell all of you that the enemy we shall be facing is one more powerful than the Twelve Palaces of the past, the Nine Temples! With this battle, I fear we may not be able to return alive. All of you have been with me for many years and I will only ask you one thing today. Who is willing to come with me? If anyone is hesitant, just come stand forward and I will not force you. But one who spurns their benefactor and abandons them in their time of need will not longer be fit to carry the name of the Spirit Jade Palace!"

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's words caused everyone to gasp in shock.

The Nine Temples!

That was a highly powerful enemy that they had never thought of.

Though the Spirit Jade Palace had been able to rest and recuperate for a year, but the past one thousand years had harmed the Spirit Jade Palace's very foundation. Using just one year's time would not not enough to allow them to climb back up to its peak like in the past. Moreover, even at the Spirit Jade Palace's peak, they still would not possess adequate power to fight against the Nine Temples!

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord said they may not be able to return alive, but all of them knew it clearly that there would be no chance of returning from this trip!

"This old subordinate is willing to follow my Lord." Granny Yue immediately knelt to say without a moment's hesitation.

"Your disciple is willing to follow my Lord!" The masked girl knelt down right after, her eyes filled with a surge of emotions.

Nobody had thought that their lazy and slothful Spirit Jade Palace Lord would step forth at a moment like this.

"Your disciple is also willing to follow my Lord!" Inside the large hall, the resolute women knelt one after another, declaring their decision aloud with their clear voices.

In that vast palace hall, they all knelt down in that instant, not a single one fearful.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord drew in a deep breath, his eyes bright as he surveyed the glorious scene before him, the corners of his mouth raising up into a faint smile.

"Excellent! Everyone of you great ladies of the Spirit Jade Palace!"
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