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"I….. am really such a burden." Tian Ze's voice was raspy, tinged with a large dose of bitterness. At one time in the past, the tall and gallant Teacher Tian Ze in the Cloudy Brook Academy had been reduced to such a state. A useless good for nothing that he himself despised.

Jun Wu Xie's eyes looked down and she did not open her mouth to comfort Tian Ze. She glanced at Jun Wu Yao and nodded her head, where she then went walking outside together with him.

Tian Ze looked at the backs of those two walking side by side, and he tried to push down the guilt and helplessness he was feeling in his heart before breaking down completely. He was like a child, who crouched there on the floor to sob and wail heart wrenchingly. Xue Er who stood at the side could not bear to watch as she silently wiped the tears from her eyes, feeling her heart wince.

Tian Ze's raspy and sorrowful voice sounded out behind them. Jun Wu Xie's footsteps then grew heavier with every step.

Jun Wu Yao walked without a word by her side, and then held up her little hand that was cold as ice.

The harsh words that Jun Wu Xie said to Tian Ze, hadn't that been her way of protecting him?

Walking out from the Spirit Jade Palace branch, Jun Wu Yao did not hesitate for a single moment as he carried up Jun Wu Xie across his arms, and with a tap of his feet, he flew up into the sky in an instant.

That figure that turned into a beam of light that streaked across the sky in a flash, so fast that no one in the city noticed them at all.


Mount Fu Yao.

Once the most tranquil and harmonious place in the Middle Realm. But now, the place had changed completely.

No one knew why the Cloudy Brook Academy had suddenly closed, including the teachers who had been dismissed who were all filled with suspicions. The position the Cloudy Brook Academy held in the Middle Realm was unique as it did not belong to any one power, but it was a place that made the Nine Temples and the Twelve Palace had to respect.

But all of that…..

Had not changed completely.

At the foot of Mount Fu Yao, there was suddenly some people dressed in the liveries of the Nine Temples. Those people held control over the entire entrance into the mountain and the citizens who had originally lived at the foot of Mount Fu Yao had no choice but to make detour around them.

A beam of light streaked through the sky over Mount Fu Yao, and none of the Nine Temple's disciples guarding the foot of the mountain noticed anything.

The beam of light landed within the dense forest on the mountain and as it was dusk at that time, with the light just fading, it did not draw any attention to itself.

Jun Wu Xie stood once again on the grass upon Mount Fu Yao, but the state of her mind this time was completely different from how she had felt before.

Upon Mount Fu Yao, it was as quiet as before, with only the call of birds and the chirping of insects sounding throughout the mountain.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes. Jun Wu Yao had flown extremely fast, and they had merely taken a day and a half to come to Mount Fu Yao. To the time that Tian Ze had mentioned, she still had three days.

Three days. This was Jun Wu Xie's final chance. She had to make full use of the time she had to locate Su Ya!

A black shadow came slipping out silently from within the dense trees.

The figure of Ye Mei suddenly appeared before Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao.

"How?" Jun Wu Yao opened his mouth to ask.

Ye Mei knelt with one knee on the ground and said in a low voice: "Your subordinate has already investigated and has found that Mount Fu Yao is now filled with the Nine Temple's disciples everywhere. All the various temples of the Nine Temples have sent their people here and they have mobilized a bunch of people who are at least of the Elder status, but I have not seen any of the Nine Temples Lords appear….."

Mount Fu Yao had been occupied by the Nine Temples from top to bottom and it was impossible for anyone to come into the mountain with a temple token from the Nine Temples. Not only the foot of the mountain had the Nine Temples' disciples garrisoned there, but they also have many teams of people, several tens at least searching around the middle of the mountain. And right upon the summit, the Nine Temples had taken it over completely, with what was once the Cloudy Brook Academy filled with the Nine Temples' disciples.

"Did you manage to find Su Ya?" Jun Wu Xie asked immediately.

And Ye Mei shook his head regretfully.

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