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"As for the things that happened in Cloudy Brook Academy, we had no intention to intervene initially, but the grandson of the Spirit Void Palace suddenly brought news and said that the artifact that the Upper Realm had been seeking was most likely to be in Cloudy Brook Academy. Over the years, although the Nine Temple Lords have a vague idea, they had not done anything and just tried to delay the time. But that person had people from the Upper Realm at his side so even if the Nine Temple Lords wanted to suppress the news, they didn't have the ability to." Su Jing Yan gritted his teeth as a trace of resentment flashed in his eyes.

Because this piece of news had spread to the Upper Realm, the Upper Realm began to be suspicious of the Nine Temples, and even imposed punishment on the Nine Temple Lords. They even gave them an ultimatum and asked them to cooperate with the action, otherwise they would not mind to completely obliterate them.

In desperation, the Nine Temples had sent some people and together with some people from the Upper Realm, they caught Su Ya. Perhaps because the Upper Realm had already discovered the changes in the Nine Temples, they were not willing to let the people of the Nine Temples intervene any point after that.

"The Dark Emperor, what you've asked, I have already said. These are the truth." Su Jing Yan said, he was not worried that these news will fall into the ears of Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao, nor was he he worried that the Upper Realm would know of his betrayal. Not to mention, Jun Wu Xie had already realized that Su Jing Yan had deliberately disclosed more information to them.

When he knew the maliciousness of the Upper Realm, Su Jing Yan could not bear it anymore, but he was too weak and powerless to retaliate. But when Jun Wu Yao appeared before him, he saw a glimmer of hope, and revealed all the things he knew, all with a single wish to stop that nightmare.

Noticing the intention of Su Jing Yan, Jun Wu Xie could not help but sigh in her heart.

In the end, the Nine Temples were just disposable chess pieces that had been manipulated by the Upper Realm. Even if they still had a shred of conscience, they were powerless against such a strong enemy.

"Which step of the plan have the Upper Realm progressed to?" Jun Wu Yao asked.

Su Jing Yan said: "Most of the rune totems had already been completed. It should have been done much earlier, but I don't know why it was dragged up to the present. A thousand years ago, the Upper Realm had suddenly issued instructions and ordered the Temple Lords to complete the work as soon as possible. It seems that they were anxious to use it."

The Nine Temples have been in the Middle Realm for thousands of years, but the urging of the Upper Realm began only a thousand years ago. Before that, they had not rushed anything and were taking things slowly. All till a thousand years ago, they seemed to have been sufficiently prepared and that would be….

An incredulous thought flashed by and Su Jing Yan suddenly jerked his head up and looked bewildered at the smiling Jun Wu Yao.

There were three major factors in the formation of the Blood Sacrifice of the Three Realms. The construction of the array was ​​the first. The artifact was the second, and the most important thing was the outworldly soul that could open up the door to immeasurable power!

If you want to gain supreme power from the Blood Sacrifice of the Three Realms, the Upper Realm must tear open the limits of the world but they themselves do not have this ability. Only the outworldly soul world could be used as a sacrificial medium.

The outworldly soul world refers to the spirit soul that does not belong to this world!

Su Jing Yan looked incredulously at Jun Wu Yao...The sudden appearance of the Dark Emperor who was powerful and mysterious. The fall of the Dark Emperor was coincidentally a thousand years ago when the Upper Realm began to urge the Nine Temples to speed up the progress.

When all of these began to click and connect, a shocking revelation suddenly formed in Su Jing Yan's mind!

"It turns out that you are..." Su Jing Yan just said a little bit, but when saw a cold glint flash by Jun Wu Yao's eyes, all the words that he originally wanted to say were stuck in his throat.

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