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On the high platform, Ba He held onto the torch and brought it close to Su Ya. The burning flame was swaying in the wind and the flame was less than a finger's distance away from her!

Su Ya was soaked thoroughly in the flammable oil and as soon as the flame touched her, she would be completely engulfed by it!

At this moment,the little old man's blood completely froze and his eyes were bloodshot!

"No wonder you dare to come here today. It turns out that you are already at such a level and have such strength. It really surprised me, but... do you really think that I came unprepared? You can try it, if you want to continue to resist, I will not guarantee that your baby disciple will be safe and sound, after all... it is an implacable fate, such a beautiful woman, if she is burned to ashes by this flame, it really is a pity." Ba He narrowed his eyes and said viscously.

"Despicable!" The little old man spat out furiously and the flames of his anger were more violent than the fire!

"Despicable?" Ba He smirked and looked at the little old man full of ridicule. "The winner is crowned king while the defeated plundered, that's the age old law that has never changed. For the great cause, why should I stick to convention? I must do all that's necessary all for the great cause of the Lord. So what if I became a despicable villain? If you want to be a gentleman and want to be a hero, you can. Just offer yourself up with hands tied up and wait to be captured, lest your disciple suffers from the burning fire."

The little old man gnashed his teeth and glared at Ba He, the hatred in his eyes was as if he couldn't wait to smash Ba He into smithereens.

"What? You don't want to save your disciple? Or would you rather that she be burned into ashes by the fire, suffering from the excruciating pain by being slowly incinerated in the scorching flames? You'd rather she be sacrificed rather than surrender yourself?" Ba He sneered.

Su Ya was tied to the wooden stake and couldn't move. Her fervent gaze looked at the little old man. Her eyes were full of resistance but could not speak. She could only shake her head desperately. She knew very well that Ba He kept her life for the sake of threatening her Master. Even if the little old man knows that she no longer had long to live, he did not want her to be persecuted in front of him.
Ba He's viciousness was infuriating. He used the most despicable ploy in the world to tap into the heartstrings of the relations between father and daughter to force the little old man to give up resistance. Although Su Ya had been tortured mercilessly, but as long as she had a last breath remaining, it was still the most effective chip against the little old man!

The surrounding Gold Spirits had already retreated away from the little old man, but in just a few minutes, the number of Gold Spirits who lost in the hands of the little old man had already been more than a dozen. If one did not witness it with one's own eyes, I am afraid that no one would believe that Gold Spirits could actually be so vulnerable.

The little old man's eyes danced between Ba He and Su Ya as he deliberated. Ba He's viciousness and Su Ya's pleading flashed through his mind as he slowly lowered his head and eventually raised his right hand up!

Ba He's eyes moved slightly as well as the Gold Spirits were waiting in nervous anticipation.


The little old man suddenly crushed the inscription in his hand!

The inscriptions that were dazzling turned into pieces of broken light in the palm of the old man. Slowly, they dissipated in air, and before they reached the ground, they had completely disappeared.

Ba He's face raised a triumphant smile, although others did not know what the inscription in the hands of the little old man was, but he was extremely clear.

That was the power of the Upper Realm - the Spirit Ring!

The strongest force that could be condensed by the power of spirit power and soul. He did not think that the old man could have condensed such a great Spirit Ring, but when the little old man crushed the Spirit Ring, Ba He knew that in the next hour or two, the little old man would not be able to use the Spirit Ring again!

And this was exactly what he wanted!

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