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The battle was getting more and more intense. The people brought by the Spirit Jade Palace had suffered an immeasurable number of deaths and injuries. However, the sacrifices had not been in vain as they had bought them time.

As every minute and every second ticked by, the number of people that had fallen increased. Many of the Blue Spirits and the Green Spirits had used special methods to temporarily increase their powers to that of a Purple Spirit. Although they still could not hold out against the power of the Gold Spirit, but they were still able to kill off more of their opponents.

Five people in exchange for one, six people in exchange for one, ten people in exchange for one!

They had given it their all, desperate to bring down the number of enemies. Even if they used ten people's life in exchange for one Gold Spirit, they did not hesitate one bit.

There were around six thousand people that the Spirit Jade Palace brought, but in the blink of an eye, more than half of them had died and yet they had only managed to kill over two hundred Gold Spirits!

The pressure on the little old man had been drastically reduced, seeing the way those people fought so desperately made him fight even more ferociously.

By this time, Ba He had already lost all colour on his face. He had fought with Jun Wu Xie for an extended period and even if he had wounded her heavily, his own strength had also depleted considerably. At first, he did not care much but as he battled against the Spirit Jade Palace Lord who had the strength of a Gold Spirit coupled with the continuous assault from Tenacious Snow Plum Blossom, he was actually forced into a dangerous situation at one time. The original advantage he had was slowly being chipped off bit by bit as he felt that his spirit power was diminishing at a rapid speed under the flurry of the constant attacks.

He did not care too much about this point and only thought that it was because he had battled on for too long.

However, when he was sent back flying from a kick from Jun Wu Xie, his face was full of shock.

He fell heavily on the ground as he spat out a mouthful of blood and the colour of the blood made his hair stand on ends.

That blood, was actually dark red and there was even a trace of purple mixed in it!

Ba He looked at the blood that he had spat out in a daze. Large amounts of spirit energy was flowing out of his body and that gold colour light on his body had dimmed considerably. He had never experienced such an excruciating pain before, it was as if there were thousands of ants that were biting his body from within.

Jun Wu Xie steadied herself, panting as she looked at Ba He who had crumbled and fallen to the ground. There was a hint of smile in her eyes.

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord looked at the scene strangely. Despite being a Gold Spirit himself, there was still a gap between himself and Ba He. According to reason, even if Ba He and Jun Wu Xie had battled on for such a long time, he shouldn't have been defeated so quickly.

He could clearly feel that the spirit power of Ba He was flowing out at an incredible speed and he was going to fall from the realm of the Gold Spirit very soon.

This… was simply too abnormal.

In a normal battle, although there would be some loss of spirit energy, but there would not be any drastic change in the realms of the spirit power. However, the gold light that shrouded Ba He was slowly diminishing and was beginning to turn to silver.

What just happened?

The Spirit Jade Palace Lord's eyes darted over to Jun Wu Xie immediately and on that bloodstained face, he found a bright smile.

She was smiling?

"How is it? Falling from a Gold Spirit, does it feel good?" Jun Wu Xie's tone of voice deepened as she looked at Ba He who was sitting on the ground in shock. On her bloodstained face, a devilish smile broke out.

"What do you mean?!" A jolt of shock made him look at her incredulously.

Jun Wu Xie swept her gaze over to him and said, "What do you mean? Open your dog eyes and look at your people around you. You will soon understand."

A thread of uneasiness rose up from his heart as he looked at the surrounding battlefield with wide eyes. Where were all the resplendent gold lights that had originally dominated the entire battlefield? There was not a single trace of gold light anywhere!

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