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How could such a thing happen? Ba He did not dare to believe what he saw with his own eyes. All of them who had followed him from the Upper Realm had actually fallen to the realm of Silver Spirits in just half an hour? How could this be?!

Ba He's uneasiness caused his qi and blood to flow turbulently and when he stood up, he was glaring fiercely at Jun Wu Xie. Jun Wu Xie's lips curled up into a faint smile and this action of hers immediately deepened his uneasiness.

"Little brat, what did you do?!"

Jun Wu Xie raised her hand to wipe off the fresh blood at the corner of her mouth but her smile remained.

"Do you know how did the Twelve Palaces meet its demise?"

The words of Jun Wu Xie sent a jolt of shock to Spirit Jade Palace Lord when he heard her words.

When the Twelve Palaces fell, although he did not participate in it, he also knew about it from the mouths of the people sent by her.

At the Twelve Palaces Summit, all the Palace Lords had gathered together, but with the appearance of Jun Wu Xie, they had been completely shaken from their very core. At that time, her strength was far less than what it was today and was definitely not the opponent of the Twelve Palace Lords. However, he did not know what method she had used that in the end, the Twelve Palace Lords had fallen from the realm of the Silver Spirit in a short moment and were wiped out by Jun Wu Xie!
This matter was a secret and only a few people knew the truth behind it.

Could it be that...
Su Jing Yan and the others who were standing aside had also noticed the peculiar changes of the Gold Spirits. They had been standing by and watching hence they could see the entire battlefield clearly and from as early as a few minutes ago, the only two remaining Gold Spirits were Ba He and the Spirit Jade Palace Lord. The other Gold Spirits had already dropped a realm and had lost all the golden lustre.

At the moment when Jun Wu Xie was about to explain, everyone's gaze were unknowingly fixated onto her. They were all very curious as to what methods she had employed that could achieve such a feat.
To be able to have a thousand Gold Spirits lose their original strength and to fall from the realm of a Gold Spirit was an incredibly frightening feat!
"Silver Spirits and Gold Spirits may be powerful, but if they are dragged down from the clouds, what difference is there between them and ordinary people?" Jun Wu Xie smiled coldly, she had waited for this moment for a very long time!
"It's you little brat! You poisoned us! What did you do to us!" Ba He did not want to believe that she had such an ability, but experiencing it for himself, he could feel the changes that occurred in his body and that made him have a sense of inexplicable fear.
"Yes, I did it, so what?" Jun Wu Xie retorted in a carefree manner and continued, "Did you really think that I would be so ignorant? To just clash with you head on?"

Su Ya, she would save. Jun Wu Yao, she too would protect.
To fulfil these two feelings of hers, she would have to think of a sure win method.
She had spent three entire days, ordinary poison had no effect against Gold Spirits, hence she decided to work on what she knew that worked before and had employed a similar method that was used against the Twelve Palaces. With this idea in mind, she toiled on it for three entire days. The last time, she was up against Silver Spirits but now her goal was the highest level in the Middle Realm – the Gold Spirit. The level of difficulty was immense, and yet in only three days, with her endless attempts and sleepless nights, she finally managed to change the poison and became the secret weapon to nail the decisive victory!
"How did you do it?" Ba He stared at Jun Wu Xie in a stunned daze, after she had appeared, she had been engaged with him in battle. When did she get the chance to poison them? Not to mention a thousand Gold Spirits?

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