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"How did I do it?" Jun Wu Xie smiled softly as her gaze darted over to the shattered stones that was stained with blood on the ground.

Ba He sucked in a cold breath as he kicked up a piece of stone at his foot and caught it with his hand.

With the stone in hand, he noticed that it was cold and sticky from the fresh blood, however upon closer inspection, the parts that were not stained with the blood had a layer of green liquid on it. It was only a very thin layer and it was only visible under close scrutiny. Under normal conditions, it was not visible at all and it did not emit any smell whatsoever. This chilling discovery made Ba He incomparably shocked in his heart.

That series of explosions had caught everybody's attention, while everyone was avoiding the stones that was hurled at them, who would have noticed that these little pieces of stones would be covered in a layer of such a terrible poison!

Three figures suddenly appeared beside Jun Wu Xie.

They were Drunk Lotus, Poison Ivy and Poppy who had not appeared until now.
"Master." The three plants spirits immediately knelt on to the floor and paid their respects.
She nodded her head slightly.

"No wonder I did not see your ring spirits, they had actually been given another task." If the Spirit Jade Palace Lord could not see what was happening still, then he would have lived all those years in vain.

Jun Wu Xie replied: "I naturally know that we aren't their opponents, however if I don't come, then we would not be able to hold out until the poison take effect."

Jun Wu Xie had broken in today not to fight with Ba He, more so not for seeking her own death. She had came to gain time, enough time to let the poison take its full effect!

As early as last night, she had already passed the three of them the task. She handed them the poison and told them to smear it on the walls of the pavilions that were surrounding the square. The moment when the little old man appeared, she had immediately instructed them to blow them all up and the debris that had been coated with the poison before had entered the fray of the battle amidst the destruction. Under the guise of the chaos, no one would have discovered the secret behind these little rubbles.

Everything was just a distraction, the flames, the explosions, everything was just to cover up her real goal.

"You really are… incredible." The Spirit Jade Palace Lord was completely won over by Jun Wu Xie. The first was her ploy against the Twelve Palaces and now she had used the same method against the people from the Upper Realm. Moreover, it was extremely effective and to pull off such a bold plan, only Jun Wu Xie was capable of doing it.

Although the strategy was good, however the risk that it had brought along was extremely high. If there was not enough time, not only would she not be able to leave this place alive, she would really use her own life to fight for more time!

"If one doesn't enter the tiger's den, one wouldn't be able to get to the tiger. If one doesn't pay the price, how would one be able to slay this bunch of vicious wolves?" Her eyes narrowed slowly, the time has come and for Ba He and his people, there was no longer a road for retreat!

Jun Wu Xie and the Spirit Jade Palace Lord's conversation had let the surrounding people from the Nine Temples shocked to the extreme.

Who could ever have thought that Jun Wu Xie would even dare to use such a daring plan to gamble against Ba He!

Su Jing Yan secretly let out a sigh of relief, even though Jun Wu Xie's strength could not match up to the Upper Realm, however her exquisite mind had prevailed and this only showed that her future achievements were unparalleled. At this moment, he was feeling extremely gratified, he had made the right choice then, or else today… He was afraid that he would have no bones left.

Ba He's face was gloomy to the extreme. He had never placed the Middle Realm in his eyes, never had he thought that he would suffer a setback with the sudden turn of the tides and he had been firmly caught in Jun Wu Xie's trap!

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