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Qiu Yun looked coldly at that elder who's sweat was trickling down like rain, as a malicious glint flashed by his eyes.

"So what you are saying is that we, the elite of the Upper Realm are not comparable to the people of the Night Regime?" Qiu Yun's tone was extremely cold.

That elder quickly replied in defence: "Your subordinate does not mean this! Your subordinate..."

Before the elder could even finish his words, the figure of Qiu Yun disappeared from the throne without a trace. A cold light flashed through the hall and in an instant, that elder lay in a pool of blood before he could even make any noise. His throat had been cut by a sharp blade and his head fell off cleanly.The polished marble floor was instantly stained with fresh crimson blood.

The dense stench of blood immediately filled the vast hall and all those elders that were kneeling on the ground stared at their colleague that had been beheaded by Qiu Yun in trepidation. The warm blood flowed across the ground, soaking their knees along the way and made their clothes warm and sticky...

Qiu Yun stood in front of the corpse with a frown filled with disapproval as he held a sharp sword in his hand with the blood still dripping on the floor from the tip of the sword. He casually flicked his wrist and all the fresh blood on the sword fell onto the ground as he sheathed his sword.

"I don't care what method you all use, you better find out the next target of their attack or else his fate today would be your fate tomorrow. How could the people of the Upper Realm be discussed by the likes of mere waste like you?!" Qiu Yun's gaze was dripping with cruelty and malevolence. How could Qiu Yun endure being provoked to such an extent by a mere force from the Middle Realm?

"They are just a bunch of dogs raised by Ye Jue, if you can't even settle them, what other use do you have? If you can't even accomplish such a small task, it's useless to leave you with your lives!" Qiu Yun sneered as he said that with vindictiveness.

Be it the Dark Regions or the Night Regime, weren't they all just Jun Wu Yao's masterpieces from that year?

Even Jun Wu Yao had already been captured by them, what kind of tricks could the mere Night Regime pull out?

Even though he had never put the Night Regime in his eyes, Qiu Yun had been completely riled up by the continuous provocations of the Night Regime. He could not smother the flames of rage that had been lit in his heart. If he did not eradicate the entire Night Regime, the hatred in his heart could not be eliminated!

After saying his piece, Qiu Yun was too lazy to even cast a glance at the elders of the Nine Temples as he turned and walked away.

It was only after he had left the main hall that the elders let out a sigh of relief. Some of the elders who were higher in age even fell onto the ground softly.

Su Jing Yan who had been kneeling with the others looked at the man who had his head lopped off. His gaze was complicated. As an elder of the Heavenly Wolf Temple, he had been left behind after the incident at the Cloudy Brook Academy. The people who had participated in it swore not to speak about it but the Upper Realm did not even ask anything. Perhaps in the eyes of the Upper Realm, whether or not the Nine Temples had betrayed them or not, it was not worth their time to even think about it.

Qiu Yun had given them a death order and if they could not find next target of the Night Regime, he was afraid that Qiu Yun would really do as he said and to kill all the elders of the Heavenly Wolf Temple.

"Elder Su, you say... Do you think that Master Qiu Yun's order... Is to settle accounts with the Night Regime?" Another elder swallowed his saliva as he looked at Su Jing Yan with query.

"Naturally." Su Jing Yan retracted his gaze, Qiu Yun was in such a hurry to find the Night Regime. Other than to expunge the humiliation, it was more to satiate the hate that had welled up inside.

It was just at this time round, the movements of the Night Regime was a little strange. Somehow, Su Jing Yan could not help but the figure of someone who should not appear at all had flashed by in his mind.

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