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In Lin Palace, no one dared to go forward and speak with Jun Wu Xie. They could only endure their inner wishes and look longingly at the young lady who had finally returned home.

Five years had passed and Jun Wu Xie had changed a lot. She had grown taller and thinner. Especially more so since she was sitting by Jun Xian's side, she looked extremely small and petite, like a small frail piece of paper which made people's hearts wince. However, she sat up straight and her face was very calm. It was as if she was telling everyone that she was well and everything was fine.

"Little Big Brother..." A shy voice was introduced into her ears and when she turned to the source of the voice, she saw a young youth with red rimmed eyes with streaks of tears that had just been wiped away, staring intently at her.

That face was familiar, but there was more maturity and he looked even more handsome.

"Little Jue?" Jun Wu Xie found a small figure in her memory that she was familiar with.

With her calling out the name 'Little Jue', it made that young youth break into a smile and he suddenly ran to her side but stopped three steps before her. With both his hands behind him and his head lowered, he looked at her with both joy and anticipation.

"Little Big Brother still remembers me?"

"I do." Jun Wu Xie nodded her head.

She had never forgotten the people from the Lower Realm.

On Little Jue's handsome face, there was a pure and bright smile. He lowered his eyes shyly and looked at his toes while he fiddled with the corner of his clothes.

"I... I also remember... Little Big Brother... Little... Little Big Brother, you... haven't been back for a long time... but you are back now... It's so good... everyone... everyone is very happy..." The stuttering words that he said were the very words that everyone had hidden in their hearts. They suddenly rushed in as well, no one paused as they wanted to be able to welcome her back the very first moment.

Jun Wu Xie's eyes became more gentle and all the ice that had accumulated over the past five years seemed to melt a little in all this warmth.

"Mn, I am back."

"Master!!" A pretty figure dashed out from Little Jue's side. The character of Yue Ye was not as bashful as Little Jue. Having being separated from her beloved Master for five years, she could not wait a second more to reunite. With a swift move, she was soon in the arms of Jun Wu Xie and was sitting on her lap.

"Master, you are finally back, I... I thought you didn't want me..." Yue Ye started sobbing uncontrollably. She will never forget that it was Jun Wu Xie who had saved her from the evil clutches of the Shadow Moon Palace. She will never ever forget. When Jun Wu Xie accepted her as a disciple, her heart was so happy that it felt as if it was about to explode any moment.

She had spent five addition to studying medicine, every night, she would kneel by her bed and silently pray for Jun Wu Xie. No matter if there was a really a God in this world, her heart at this moment was filled with gratitude.

"I will never." Jun Wu Xie raised her hand and slightly touched the little head of Yue Ye.

There was once where she was surrounded by such a group of people, they worried about her, concerned for her, waiting for her...

Jun Wu Xie felt as though she was unable to withstand so much warmth.

It was precisely because everything here was so beautiful, the people here were too gentle, so...

She didn't want to come back, she didn't want to make herself weak, and she didn't want to involve them in her battle of desperation.

Of course...

Eventually, she gave in...

She returned to this place where she had a new life and returned to the place where she had came to understand what affections meant.

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