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When they heard Jun Wu Xie's words, Xie Changming and Wei Ya who were standing behind Luo Qingcheng were caught by surprise. The two of them actually knew each other?

What made them more surprised was that be it Luo Qingcheng or Jun Wu Xie, they both held extreme hatred towards each other. They've been in the Upper Realm for a long time and being part of the Top Ten Experts, they knew Luo Qingcheng well. Luo Qingcheng's strength had been one that made people of the Upper Realm shocked and her heaven defying talent had only made them see the dust and had no hope of catching up. Never in their lives would they ever have thought that there was actually someone in the world that would say such blatant provocations to her face!

If she hasn't killed Luo Qingcheng yet, how could she die?

There was no fluctuation in Jun Wu Xie's quote voice but how could Wei Ya not pick up the strong killing intent in those words?

This girl was serious, she really wanted to kill Luo Qingcheng?

However, where did she get such guts from? She actually wanted to openly challenge Luo Qingcheng? Did she really not want her life any more?!

Luo Qingcheng swept her gaze over Jun Wu Xie's face, as sharp as a knife, she could not wait to slash that proud face of hers.

"Kill me? Just you? Hah!" Luo Qingcheng laughed with contempt. "You were nothing but a waste in the past. You don't even have any power to put up any resistance before me. You don't even have the ability to protect yourself. How dare you say such words when you are so weak? Don't tell me that you still think that there would still be a Ren Huang who would appear and blow himself up to protect you?!" The voice of Luo Qingcheng's taunting echoed throughout.

These words made all the others beside Jun Wu Xie's eyes all turned red with anger!

Ren Huang's death was an inverse scale of Jun Wu Xie's that could not be touched. Luo Qingcheng was very clever and the moment she spoke, she had immediately hit where it hurts most.

Almost in an instant, the eyes of Qiao Chu and the others immediately fell on Jun Wu Xie, their eyes fraught with worry.

However, Jun Wu Xie's face remained calm and it looked like Luo Qingcheng's words had not angered her. She only looked coldly at Luo Qingcheng as if she was a dead person.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jun Wu Xie's silence made Luo Qingcheng more arrogant. She laughed contemptuously at Jun Wu Xie, she did not believe that in a mere five years, how great a change could there be? Nangong Lie once mention that Jun Wu Xie possessed a Spirit Ring and Luo Qingcheng only thought of it as a joke.

Luo Qingcheng's talent was very rare in the world. Her Master once mentioned that in the entire three realms, there was no one else that had the talent that could compare with her. Even for such a talented person like Luo Qingcheng, the process of condensing out a complete Spirit Ring had taken a few centuries. And such speed was already considered extremely fast. It was absolutely inconceivable that a Silver Spirit could condensed out a Spirit Ring in five years!

"Jun Wu Xie, I heard that you are from the Lower Realm? There should be a lot of your loved ones and friends here, right?" Luo Qingcheng's eyes suddenly swept to the surroundings, sweeping by every tree and grass. As her lips curled up, she continued: "If the Soul Bone is really in your hands, I advise you to hand it over honestly. Or else, I don't mind killing the people you care about in front of you. Just like five years ago, it's just that this time, I will personally do it. I would never let them die so easily like Ren Huang!"

A vicious cold glint flashed by Luo Qingcheng's eyes, whether or not Jun Wu Xie had the soul bone in possession or whether she was willing to surrender it, she would kill all the people that Jun Wu Xie cared about!

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