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The black cat stared blankly after hearing Jun Wu Xie's conjecture

"You knew it all the time?"

Jun Wu Xie did not respond but had tacitly approved the question asked by the black cat.

The matter that Jun Wu Yao was unwilling to let her know must be a thing that he wasn't able to change at the moment and also a thing that could be considered as a scruple to him - it could only be the life and death worm!

Jun Wu Yao had never wanted to tell her much about the life and death worm. Jun Wu Xie had once tried to find if there was any methods to remove the life and death worm from Jun Wu Yao, but no matter how hard she tried, Jun Wu Xie still wasn't able to find any trace regarding the worm. Poison like this wouldn't leave any abnormality on one's body and it couldn't be cured using the normal treatments.

Jun Wu Yao might have already learnt about the characteristics of the life and death worm, resulting him in never telling her about it in detail. It was because he knew very well that even the most talented highly skilled doctor in the Three Realms was not able to eliminate this deadly poison.

Since Jun Wu Yao wasn't willing to speak about it, Jun Wu Xie didn't want to expose him. She knew that he didn't want her to be worried, and she too, didn't want to bother him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

At the very least, before discovering the ways in dealing with the life and death worm, none of them would take the initiative to bring up this topic. But still, this matter would keep existing in both their hearts, it could neither be get rid off nor wiped off.

After being defeated, Luo Qingcheng, Wei Ya and Xie Changming were straight away imprisoned in the prison which was located in the palace of the past Qi Kingdom. The prison in the palace was designed by Jun Wu Xie and Jun Xian. It was used to imprison their enemies who were as powerful as the three of them.

The Qi Kingdom was already gone and the view of the palace had also changed. It was not as dignified as it once was, but more lively.

The guards who were guarding outside the palace were no longer those masculine Royal Army but just normal guards. 

Mutual suspicions and deceptions in order to inherit the throne wouldn't be happening again in the Lower Realm, so were the fratricidal conflicts between family members in order to win over the highest position in the country.

The guards outside the palace recognized Jun Wu Xie. It was a remarkable and magnificent wedding ceremony yesterday, who wouldn't be able to recognize the bride?

Before Jun Wu Xie could even say something, the guards had already let her in.

Mo Qianyuan who was living in the palace had earlier given his special order when he succeeded to the throne, that whenever Jun Wu Xie entered or left the palace, no one was allowed to block her way.

Inside the palace, the moment Mo Qianyuan received the news of Jun Wu Xie visiting the palace, a trace of astonishment and anguish emerged from his handsome face. Subconsciously, he wanted to get up and welcome her, but once the thought of Jun Wu Xie getting married yesterday came into his mind, he wasn't able to move even a step no matter how.

From the beginning to the end, that person never belonged to him.

The desperate hope of his had gone vanished yesterday without having the chance to even exist again.

"Yunxian." Mo Qianyuan sat back on his seat with the corners of his lips curving into a bitter smile.

Bai Yunxian who had been staying beside Mo Qianyuan for a long time secretly caught his reaction in her eyes. Who would have understood the grief inside her?

"Go and welcome Jun Wu Xie for me. I haven't finished my work, I… won't be going." Mo Qianyuan tried his best to make his tone sound stable but the despondent in his voice was still strong. 

"Yes." Bai Yunxian nodded her head obediently. She had a forced smile in her heart with a trace of hope arising within the pain.

Jun Wu Xie was married, although Mo Qianyuan was still not able to forget her voice and appearance, it had become impossible for him to get closer to her.

Bai Yunxian walked out from the entrance of the main hall and headed towards Jun Wu Xie.

Bai Yunxian had always been having a kind of fear for Jun Wu Xie.

During that time when she was being frivolous and ignorant, she was lucky enough to be able to keep her life after being defeated by Jun Wu Xie. Since then, she could never look straight into Jun Wu Xie's eyes anymore.

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