Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2505 Despicable Enemy 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2505 Despicable Enemy 2

All of them were waiting. They were waiting for Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao to make the decision.

Jun Wu Yao's gaze fell onto Jun Wu Xie, seemingly to leave the decision to her discretion.

With her eyes slightly narrowed, Jun Wu Xie turned and walked towards the entrance of the haven without speaking a word.

"Kill them all!" The words that came into everyone's ears were piercingly cold, but they were the most inspiring and heart stirring words of all!

The face of Qiao Chu and the others immediately showed a joyful expression as they hurriedly followed in the steps of Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Yao cast a look on Ye Gu and the rest of them who were at the side. Ye Gu, Ye Sha and Ye Mei immediately got what Jun Wu Yao meant and quickly left the haven to inform the members of Night Regime and the Ghost Army who were staying on ten of the ships.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Jun Wu Xie was right. To protect the haven of the Sea Spirit Beasts and defeat the people from the Upper Realm without exposing their location at the same time, they would just need to…

Kill them all!

The dead would never let the secret out!


At the seacoast, the calmness and tranquility of the isolated island were suddenly broken by the sudden appearance of some uninvited guests.

While sailing behind the seawaves, two ships lay boldly and resolutely at the beach and there came two groups of people walking down from the ships, stepping their feet on this peaceful ground.

"It's quite surprising to know that there's such an island in the Sea of Death. Why haven't we heard it before from anyone?" A teenage boy, dressed in luxurious clothing, was stepping on the soft beach with people crowding around him. His arrogant eyes glanced over the isolated island that was shrouded in a mantle of dense forest, a trace of repugnance emerged from the bottom of his eyes.

"Have you guys not discovered it before?" Frowning, the good-looking boy turned his head as he looked at the group of people behind him and asked.

There was a bunch of fawning man standing behind him. After hearing what the boy asked, they quickly responded. "It's true that nobody had once discovered this place. This is the first time someone had found it out… Thanks to the prompt decision made by you, our Young Master, to change the sailing route during the storm, or else no one would be able to find this place."

A middle-aged man was busy flattering the boy.

The people beside them too, chimed in with agreements.

"Our Young Master is such a wise and mighty person! Of course ordinary people aren't able to compare to him!"

"Young Master is the first person to discover this place. If we report it to the Master when we return, I'm sure he will praise you as a smart and talented person."

The compliments that came one after another had given the boy a heady pleasure, causing him who was at first being a Young frustrated to loosen his frowning eyebrows.

Both the ships belonged to the Sea Spirit City, one of the seventy-two cities in the Upper Realm.

Among the seventy-two cities, the Sea Spirit City was in charge of hunting the Sea Spirit Beasts. This was also the origin of the name of the city.

The demand for the Sea Spirit Beasts was extremely high in the Upper Realm. The Sea Spirit City would dispatch teams of sailing crews to the Sea of Death for hunting every month, and this time, not only the highly-skilled hunters were sent for the hunt, there was also an important guest who had joined the team - Yan Hai, the Young Master of the Sea Spirit City.

Yan Hai was the fourth son of the City Lord of the Sea Spirit City. He was also the only child who had survived and grown up. The previous three children were all dead due to not being able to endure the intensive cultivation in the first few months. Yan Hai, who was born with a good aptitude, was the only one who had fought through the cultivation. Moreover, the cultivation of the kids in the Sea Spirit City were all managed by the City Lord of the Sea Spirit City, resulting Yan Hai in getting quite a lot of privileges expectantly while holding a rather high status in the Sea Spirit City. Besides, he was somewhat talented. Despite being only eighteen or nineteen, he was able to come out with outstanding results in cultivation.

Even without the title of the son of the City Lord of the Sea Spirit City, the strength he owned was still eligible for many of them to show their reverence towards him.

"I'm better than him, he should have known it," said Yan Hai haughtily. There wasn't any respect towards his father found in his manner.
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