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The moment the figure appeared, all the sounds coming from the surroundings disappeared instantly, and everyone had gotten their eyes fixed on that "person".

Eyes widening, Long Jiu and Qin Song were just standing there with their whole bodies stiffening.

There was a familiar ambience enshrouding around them, but they still couldn't believe all the things that they had just seen.

Stepping onto the grass, the tender and pretty figure walked slowly towards Meng Qiu. Wherever the person stepped onto, there would be flowers blooming from the ground, as if it was the fireworks that were coming out from the bottom of the feet, they were dazzling and beautiful.

The person walked to Meng Qiu and crouched down while looking at Meng Qiu who was almost transparent. The fair and long fingers stroked softly and faintly on Meng Qiu's forehead

Meng Qiu, who was so weak that he couldn't even move, suddenly sensed a familiar vibe whirling around him. He opened his eyes strenuously and a strange, but at the same time, extremely familiar face came into his sight.

It was an unfamiliar face, but the thing that he was familiar with was the aura that belonged to the Spirit Tree.

"I'm sorry for neglecting you." A melodious voice echoed beside everyone's ears, causing everyone to be thunderstruck!

It was the exact same voice as the Spirit Tree!

The gorgeous human with unknown gender in front of their eyes was actually an incarnation of the Spirit Tree!

The Spirit Tree had actually never once turned into its human form before during the past hundred million years. Everyone in the Soul World thought that the Spirit Tree was unable to transform itself but they wouldn't have thought that they were actually going to witness it today.

How beautiful, how perfect, as if that was how the Spirit Tree should be.

Meng Qiu widened his eyes and slightly opened his mouth. There were thousands of words that he wanted to voice at this moment, but almost his entire soul had shattered into pieces, causing him to no longer have the energy to speak. He could only stared silently at the figure who he had always been yearning, protecting and also waiting for the past thousands of years.

"I always thought that you're the most outstanding spirit envoy in the Soul World. You are wise, smart, courageous and powerful, and I have no worries in letting you handle the Soul World. I thought that you've mastered everything that I'm able to teach you, and that you no longer need my guidance, but I couldn't have thought that… it was my negligence that has made you suffer." There were traces of helplessness and repentance on the face of the Spirit Tree. The things that it needed to bear on its shoulders were all the souls in the Three Realms, even it itself wasn't able to attend to each and every aspect of the matters. Thus, it was necessary for it to get help from the spirit envoys.

Among all the spirit envoys that it had ever created, there were a few of them who were the best, and also the smartest one. It was just that most of them had their own thoughts, some of them had chosen to enter the Reincarnation Path while some had chosen to leave the Soul World and build the Spirit World, and Meng Qiu was the only one who had always been staying beside it from the very beginning.

The betrayal of Meng Qiu was what the Spirit Tree could never have expected. Even up till now, it never once had any grudge against Meng Qiu's behaviour. Even when Meng Qiu cast the Contemporaneous Knot onto it, there was only helplessness arising from its heart, but never enmity.

It was because of it taking everything for granted that had caused Meng Qius to be forced into such an extent. If it was able to notice it earlier, how would it not realize what Meng Qiu was actually hoping for?

Meng Qiu was always thoughtful and proficient, and this was the exact reason which had caused the Spirit Tree to mistakenly assume that he would no longer need its guidance, but it didn't know that the fact that Meng Qiu put in all his effort and did his best was just so that he was able to receive its compliments and hear its voice.

While looking at Meng Qiu, the eyes of the Spirit Tree were overflowed with sorrow.

If Meng Qiu was able to tell the Spirit Tree about his discontent earlier, it wouldn't neglect his wish, and everything that had happened today wouldn't have occured.

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