Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2639 An Unexpected Incident 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2639 An Unexpected Incident 2

When Jun Gu died, because of the Soul Calming Jade, his soul was protected but because of a combination of many erroneous factors, his soul entered into Soul World and became a Spirit Envoy. After entering Soul World, Jun Gu didn't forget things of his past but because his soul was temporarily stabilized by the Soul Calming Jade, it wasn't very stable and often times his memories would become chaotic and messy. Although not a dead soul, Jun Gu was intelligent and possessed extraordinary talent, and so when he entered Soul World, he attracted the attention of the Spirit Tree. In order to repair the soul of Jun Gu, the Spirit Tree also gave him a lot of soul power as a support, and taught him to cultivate his own soul power in the way of the Soul World.

Jun Gu had only been in the Soul World for a short dozen years, but the speed of his spiritual cultivation was extremely fast, his character was very composed, so the Spirit Tree arranged for him to be at the Soul Ascending Altar.

However, with this arrangement made, the subsequent incident suddenly occurred.

There was no connection between the Soul World and the Upper Realm, therefore it was also safe and sound. After Jun Wu Xie had entered the Soul World many years after, His Lord of the Upper Realm suddenly visited the Soul World. His sudden arrival also caused suspicion within the Spirit Tree. In order to not provoke any incidents, and also because the other party did not pull any strange tricks, the Spirit Tree did not think much.

However, when His Lord left that day, Jun Gu whom had been guarding the Soul Ascending Altar also disappeared from the Soul World. However, the matters of the Soul Ascending Altar was left to Meng Qiu to manage and it was not until Jun Gu had disappeared for a long time did the Spirit Tree realised that he was no longer in Soul World. 

To think...

It should be the day when His Lord came, and took the soul of Jun Gu away with him.

But the Spirit Tree couldn't figure out the reason why Jun Gu was taken away. 

Jun Gu once again reappeared in the Soul World, but he was completely changed as a person. He could not remember anything during his time in the Soul World and he had become the commander of the Upper Realm and entered the Soul World.

Regarding this matter, the Spirit Tree was quite helpless. Even though it could speculate on the workings of Heaven and reincarnation, it wasn't all-knowing. It was even more unexpected that Jun Gu, who was taken away by His Lord previously, was actually the father of Jun Wu Xie!

"The man took your father away but I don't know what for specifically. This time, when he returned the Soul World, his power has increased drastically, and his body soul should have been there with his soul." The Spirit Tree was quite helpless.

After the Soul Sacrifice Array was destroyed, it also searched for the souls of Jun Gu and Yan Xi in the Soul World, but no matter how hard it was searched, there was no clue.

Obviously, Jun Gu had been taken away from the Soul World by Yan Xi, and it was highly possible that he had returned to the Upper Realm.

Jun Wu Xie quietly listened to everything concerning Jun Gu, the doubts in her heart were not reduced.

Just as the Spirit Tree couldn't comprehend, Jun Wu Xie was also puzzled over the fact that the Upper Realm took her father away.

The soul of Jun Gu belonged to the Three Realms, his soul was not spirits of the outside world like hers and Jun Wu Yao's. The Upper Realm was so eager to take Jun Gu away and reconstruct his body, for what exact purpose?? 

Judging from the situation of Jun Gu and the army of the Upper Realm, even in the Upper Realm, Jun Gu occupied a high status, and from the perspective of Jun Gu's strength, it was obvious that he had exceeded the top ten exponents of the Upper Realm!

What did the Upper Realm want to achieve?? 

Jun Wu Xie's brow was furrowed.

It wasn't easy to find Jun Gu, and it was unexpected… that Jun Gu's situation was so peculiar.

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