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Just when Qiao Chu and Zi Fei were talking, Ye Sha happened to pass through the courtyard while holding a stack of files. When he saw them, his footsteps slightly halted.

"Brother Ye Sha!" When Qiao Chu saw Ye Sha, he greeted him with such hyped up enthusiasm . Usually, when Ye Sha was not secretly protecting Jun Wu Xie, he was being sent out on errands by Jun Wu Yao. Chu Qiao and the others couldn't find a good time to learn from Ye Sha and his other peers. This time however, with Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao gone in the Soul World, and the members of the Night Regime were guarding Sea Spirit City, it gave Chu Qiao and the others enough time to understand the legendary Night Regime.

Within just one short month, Qiao Chu and the rest managed to find out many training secrets of the Night Regime from Ye Sha and Ye Mei. Several people have been boiling with rage for a long while now and also learnt many cultivation methods, if only to become stronger for a real battle with the Upper Realm in the future.

"Well?" Ye Sha looked at the energetic Qiao Chu quite helplessly.

The members of the Night Regime possessed temperaments which were calm and stable, contrary to the character of Qiao Chu, which was hot blooded and jumpy. Till now, Ye She couldn't understand how Qiao Chu maintained his over eager enthusiasm all day long.

"The Night Regime and the Ghost Army have all arrived today?" Qiao Chu asked with a smile.

Ye Sha nodded.

During this month, with Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie gone, he and Ye Mei were not idle. The task of transporting the rest of the Night Regime and Ghost Army from the island fell on them.

Ye Gu was not reliable, apart from being fearsome on the battlefield and slaying their enemies, he was useless and avoided like the plague when it came to meticulous and detailed matters.

By now, the last boat transporting the remaining members of the Ghost Army had arrived in the Sea Spirit City. Apart from the couple hundreds of Night Regime members protecting the Sea Spirit Beasts on the isolated island, the rest of the Jun Wu Yao's men were gathered in the Sea Spirit City. 

"That's good, I don't know when they will come back. They have been gone for a while." Qiao Chu scratched his head.

Speaking of Jun Wu Xie, the smile in the eyes of Zi Fei suddenly disappeared, her eyes turned down involuntarily and the trace of loneliness hit her eyes.

"It should be soon." Ye Sha said.

"What is soon?" A voice suddenly sounded from the courtyard.

Ye Sha and the other two immediately looked up and followed the sound, but they saw the Ye Mei smiling as he walked over, and his expression shining with unhidden joy.

"Tell you a piece of good news, Lord Jue just sent a message back. This evening, he and Missy will arrive at the Sea Spirit City. Stop being so stunned Ye Sha, hurry up and come with me to prepare."

A jingle sounded!

With no time to digest the news, Qiao Chu and Ye Sha were distracted by the sound of the bell. 

The ladle that Zi Fei held in her hands had unknowingly dropped onto the ground, and had shattered! 

"Elder Zi Fei?" Qiao Chu looked at Zi Fei strangely.

Zi Fei regained her focus, weaky and quietly pulled her still-trembling fingers into her sleeves. She pretended to be calm and said: "There was some water on my hand and the ladle slipped. Go do what you need to do, I'll go check on the wounds of the Sea Spirit Beasts to see if there are any improvements."

After Zi Fei finished her words in a rush, she didn't even clean up the mess on the ground but she turned around and left hurriedly. 

Qiao Chu scratched his head questioningly, Elder Zi Fei was usually very calm and stable. How could she have…. mishandled something?

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