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The fact that Jun Wu Xie and Jun Wu Yao were coming back had made Qiao Chu so happy that he immediately ran to inform Hua Yao and the rest of his friends.

Nobody was able to understand the grievance of Hua Yao who had disguised himself into Yan Hai and pretended to be the fake "fake Yan Hai" for a month. Fortunately, due to the local residents of the Sea Spirit City being replaced gradually by the members of the Night Regime and the Ghost Army, Hua Yao was able to suffer less when playing the role.

"Little Xie is finally going to be back. Brother Hua too, is going to get free soon." While grinning, Fei Yan looked at Hua Yao. Though this was what he said, there wasn't any bits of diminution with the gloat in his eyes.

Hua Yao rolled his eyes at Fei Yan, not wanting to waste his energy to argue with him.

"It's certainly good that Little Xie is going to come back, but… how shall we deal with those people?" Rong Ruo who was sitting aside furrowed her brows.

Listening to Rong Ruo's words, the expressions on the face of the few of them who were at first smiling cheerfully suddenly became a little weird.

"Cough… Let's just wait for Little Xie to come back and see what will she do. At the worst, we can just fudge the issue and make them leave," said Qiao Chu after clearing his throat.

Hua Yao and the others looked at each other and there was actually a trace of wry smile in each of their eyes.

As the night fell, there came two figures landed gracefully outside the official residence of the Sea Spirit City.

Qiao Chu and the others who had been waiting for quite a long time outside the entrance immediately went forward once they saw the two of them.

"Lord Jue, Young Miss." Ye Mei and Ye Sha stepped forward and bowed at Jun Wu Yao and Jun Wu Xie who had just returned.

"Is everything fine in the Sea Spirit City?" Looking at everyone who had come to greet them, Jun Wu Xie asked.

"Everything is alright, please do not worry, Young Miss," replied Ye Sha.

Jun Wu Xie slightly nodded her head. Hastily, Qiao Chu and the rest of them welcomed her and Jun Wu Yao into the official residence while constantly asking them about the Soul World along their way into the building. However, there was a skinny figure walking behind everyone, quietly gazing at Jun Wu Xie who was walking beside Jun Wu Yao.

"How was your trip to the Soul World? Have you settled the chaotic energy, Little Xie?" Among all of them, Qiao Chu was the most excited person. He felt really sad for not being able to visit the Soul World since he had always been curious about the Soul World, the origin of the billions souls in this world.

"It's settled," said Jun Wu Xie flatly. There wasn't any joy but a trace of indescribable depression in her tone.

However, careless Qiao Chu had failed to notice Jun Wu Xie's unusualness.

"That's good, that's good, then… what about Grandmaster Ren Huang and Master…" With a hint of expectancy in his eyes, the speaking tone of Qiao Chu changed slightly. The deaths of Ren Huang and Yan Bu Gui had always been a sore point stuck in their hearts. They didn't want to believe that they were really gone. It had been years and they were still insisting that maybe the souls of Ren Huang and Yan Bu Gui were still living somewhere else in the Three Realms.

Jun Wu Xie had told the words of the Spirit Tree to them. After being told that the souls of Ren Huang and Yan Bu Gui had gone into the Reincarnation Path, Hua Yao and the others couldn't help themselves from showing a feeling of desolation in their eyes, but after thinking that Ren Huang and Yan Bu Gui would still descend into this world again on their second thoughts, they felt relieved.

With their strengths getting stronger, the lifespans of Qiao Chu and the others would also increase. They had the time to wait for the return of Yan Bu Gui and Ren Huang.

Even though the identity and the appearance had changed, but as long as it was the same soul, then the person who owned the soul would still be their Master.

Qiao Chu didn't notice the unusualness of Jun Wu Xie, but Rong Ruo who was always attentive had vaguely noticed that there was something wrong with the condition of Jun Wu Xie. If everything was going well in the Soul World, why wasn't there any merriment shown on her face?

Rong Ruo couldn't help but asked, "Is it that something bad has happened to the Soul World?"

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