Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2645 Blood Relation 2
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2645 Blood Relation 2

There was always an inexplicable amiability that Jun Wu Xie felt towards Zi Fei when she saw her. Even though the time of them interacting with each other wasn't really that much, the depression which was originally suppressed within Jun Wu Xie got to abate for no reason after she saw Zi Fei.

Looking at Jun Wu Xie who looked a little tired, a sign of hesitation flashed across Zi Fei's eyes.

"So many things have happened in the Soul World, then… the thing you said previously… that you want to look for your father in the Soul World…" The voice of Zi Fei was so soft that it almost couldn't be heard clearly by the other people.

Jun Wu Xie shuddered. With the picture of Jun Gu being taken away suddenly gushed into her brain at the moment, her gaze came to a stunned, mouth slightly opened and not a sound was heard from her.

The reaction given out by Jun Wu Xie had made Zi Fei's heart feel as if it had leapt up to her throat.

"I've… found my father." Jun Wu Xie looked down as she hid the trace of unusualness away from the bottom of her eyes.

"How is he doing?" Not being able to restrain herself, Zi Fei asked.

Soundlessly, Jun Wu Xie lowered her head down.

The silence of Jun Wu Xie had caused Zi Fei to once again sink into an apprehension, but she somewhat felt that she shouldn't be continuing the question anymore.

"You say it." Jun Wu Xie pulled Jun Wu Yao's sleeve. She wasn't able to speak about the matter of Jun Gu.

Jun Wu Yao let out a soft sigh, "Little Xie's father has been controlled by the Upper Realm. When we saw him in the Soul World, his memory had already been wiped off. We couldn't save him at the moment since the Soul Sacrificing Event had already begun. He was then taken away by the people from the Upper Realm."

At the instant, Zi Fei drew in a cold breath with her pair of eyes slightly widening as her figure staggered all of a sudden, almost going to stumble onto the ground.

"How-... How come…" Zi Fei widened her eyes in disbelief.

After listening to everything, Qiao Chu and the others held an astounding expression onto their faces. They knew better than anyone else, that how many years had Jun Wu Xie tried to find Jun Gu. At first, they thought that she would be able to find her father after entering the Soul World, but who could have known that… they would actually encounter in such a situation.

They couldn't help but move their gazes onto Jun Wu Xie. They could finally understand why there wasn't any bits of happiness shown on Jun Wu Xie's face when she came back. After going through all the hardships, she managed to find her father at the end but it turned out that the Upper Realm had taken him and he was most probably being controlled by those people. There was a big possibility that one day in the future, he would become her enemy. How would any child be able to endure such kind of things?

Neither did Jun Wu Xie speak anything nor did she raise her head, nobody knew what was she thinking about at the moment.

The moment Zi Fei saw how distressed Jun Wu Xie looked after recovering from the stupefaction, her heartstrings tightened. The words that she wanted to tell after thinking for so many restless nights which lasted for a whole month were now stuck in her throat and not even a word was able to get out of her mouth.

Without speaking a word, Zi Fei stepped forward and embraced Jun Wu Xie who had been having her head down all the time into her arms. Gently, she said, "It's okay. Since you've found him, he will definitely come back to you. Don't be afraid, if he is able to recognize you, he will certainly be proud of you."

Although Zi Fei's voice was soft and gentle, with a sharp cold glare flaring across her eyes, the blood inside her which had been frozen for many years was soundlessly boiling.

She was sick of ducking and hiding herself.

And now, she will get everything which she had once lost back one by one!

No one else was allowed to hurt her child and her husband anymore!

"Wu Xie, listen, if everything is as what you have said, then at the very least, for now, your father is safe. There must be something that the person in the Upper Realm wants to get from your father. Before he achieved his goal, your father will be safe. You still have time." With her eyes narrowed, Zi Fei said slowly.

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