Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2646 Blood Relation 3
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2646 Blood Relation 3

Zi Fei knew exactly what kind of personality the person in the Upper Realm had, and knew what she needed to do now.

Under the comfort of Zi Fei, Jun Wu Xie's emotions gradually stabilized. As Zi Fei said, she had no time to let herself sink into despair, she still had to face the future on her own. 

"I will save my father." Jun Wu Xie said lowly. 

"I know, you will." Zi Fei gently caressed Jun Wu Xie's long hair, just like the picture that had appeared in her dreams for so many years.

"Thank you." Jun Wu Xie stood up straight, slightly distance herself from Zi Fei. She could clearly see the face under Zi Fei's mask, but her eyes were the best looking pair of eyes Jun Wu Xie had ever seen; it was gentle like water but yet so warm.

"Silly child." Zi Fei was reluctant to look at Jun Wu Xie, raised her hand and rubbed Jun Wu Xie's head, her eyes were laughing. But the fingers that brushed passed Jun Wu were stiff, as if trying to restrain the trembling that would appear at anytime. 

"Don't think about it anymore. Since you are back, you should rest. Even if you want to do something, you need enough energy, right?"

Jun Wu Xie nodded.

Qiao Chu and others did not dare to say anything more. They could only look on with eyes filled with care and concern as Jun Wu Xie returned to her room to rest. 

Everyone had left, but Zi Fei still stood outside the Jun Wu Xie's room, looking at the locked door. Moonlight sprinkled over the quiet courtyard, and also on Zi Fei's figure, as her silhouette slowly lengthened on the ground. 

"If I remember correctly, the full name of the Holy Maiden who fled from the Upper Realm should be Han Zi Fei?" Suddenly, the voice of Jun Wu Yao appeared in the courtyard.

Zi Fei did not turn her head, but kept looking at Jun Wu Xie's room with a forlorn gaze.

"When I was at Lin Palace, I found a portrait. It belongs to Jun Gu. Old Master Jun said that the painting was drawn for Jun Gu by Little Xie's mother. Under the portrait, there is a signature. - Han." Jun Wu Yao looked at Zi Fei's back, thoughtful.

The figure of Zi Fei stiffened.

"Why don't you acknowledge her?" Jun Wu Yao was slightly frowning. At first, he didn't notice anything strange about Zi Fei, but tonight, when Jun Wu Xie mentioned about Jun Gu's situation, Zi Fei's reaction was extremely abnormal, and the words she said last time were also somewhat intriguing.

In fact, early on when Zi Fei and Jun Wu Xie met each other, the atmosphere of the two people was harmonious and somewhat amazing. It seemed that there was a natural tacit understanding. If this tacit understanding was placed on others, it might not be obvious, but when placed on Jun Wu Xie, who had a naturally cold character, it was extremely rare. 

Even when she first met with Qiao Chu and the others, Jun Wu Xie was always slightly distant, completely unlike the interaction with Zi Fei. 

This point, Jun Wu Yao had realised, but he did not think that there would be such a coincidence in the world.

If the reaction of Zi Fei hadn't been too strong tonight, Jun Wu Yao would not have connected all these things. 

Zi Fei didn't turn her head. After a long silence, she said: "Ye, if you really love her, don't tell her. I am leaving tonight, who am I, she doesn't need to know."

Jun Wu Yao's eyes squinted slightly. "You want to rescue Jun Gu?"

Zi Fei chuckled and said: "Yes, but also not really, I am just going to finish what I did not finish in the past. To Jun Wu Xie, I am dead so just let her continue to think that way."

Zi Fei's tone was decisive, free and easy. She did not wait for Jun Wu Yao's response, but instead turned to leave and her figure gradually disappeared into the night.


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