Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
2647 Long Xuan City 1
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Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
Author :North Night
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2647 Long Xuan City 1

Jun Wu Xie dreamt. In her dream, she was covered in darkness and it was so dark that she couldn't see her hand in front of her, and she was surrounded in silence. Two faint lights appeared silently on her left and right sides, wrapped in darkness, she could see a faintly discernible figure in the light.

One was tall and upright, the other slender and petite, only fuzzy outlines, but was unable to see the features clearly. 

When the first rays of the morning sun shone, Jun Wu Xie hasn't yet woken up from her dream but a cacophony of sounds broke the silence of the morning. Jun Wu Xie immediately sat up and Little Black, who was lying next to her, got up and followed her. 


There was a commotion!

Jun Wu Xie's eyes narrowed slightly. It was quite noisy, some high-pitched roars could be heard, as if there was some argument going on. She got up and dressed, looked subconsciously at the bed with residual warmth but didn't see Jun Wu Yao's person.

Jun Wu Xie didn't think too much and departed from her room toward the source of the sound. 

A few tall figures were sitting in the hall of the official residence. A man with a burly figure and a rough appearance, wearing a brocade suit, with his face stretched taut, was shouting at Fan Zhuo who stood opposite him, "How long do you intend to drag this matter on? Day after day, we don't have the time to play around with you! If you don't give us a satisfactoy answer by today, we are not going to play nice anymore!"

"Get your City Lord out here! Every time you're beating around the bush, this time we fall for it. You, you are not qualified to speak to us!" Another man pointed at Fan Zhuo's nose and yelled.

Fan Zhuo was sprayed with a faceful of spittle, but he maintained his good temper.

When Jun Wu Xie reached the back door of the hall, she found Qiao Chu and gang standing at the back of the hall, looking depressed. 

"What's wrong?" Jun Wu Xie frowned slightly. The voices of those people were very loud, and she could hear everything clearly. 

When Qiao Chu saw Jun Wu Xie, he immediately cried and said: "They are the people from Long Xuan City."

Jun Wu Xie raised her eyebrows slightly.

Long Xuan City was one of the seventy two cities. In terms of geographical location, it was closer to the Sea Spirit City, but in terms of land area, it was twice as large as the Sea Spirit City. Although the Sea Spirit City was dependent on the sea for its livelihood, but what was supporting the existence of the city was not the strength of the Sea Spirit Lord. Instead, it was because within the Sea of Death, they possessed the prowess of hunting the Sea Spirit Beasts; which allowed the Sea Spirit City to have a certain standing amongst the seventy-two cities. But in terms of strength, the Sea Spirit City resided in the tail end of the group.

This Long Xuan City was also not famous amongst the seventy-two cities, but in front of the Sea Spirit City, they were shamelessly arrogant because the Sea Spirit City was the weakest city amongst the seventy-two cities. If not for the Sea Spirit Beasts, Sea Spirit City would have already been swallowed up by the other cities. 

"What are they doing here?" Jun Wu Xie looked at Qiao Chu, although the Upper Realm seventy-two cities were collectively called that, but there was not much relations between the cities. The in-fighting among the seventy-two cities were not comparable to the schemes and plots between the countries of the Upper Realm. But since they all possessed large forces, no one could occupy the other cities. 

The Sea Spirit City was not only the weakest among the seventy-two cities, but also had the smallest area, so it had never held the attention of the other cities. Apart from the monthly supply of the Sea Spirit Beasts, they had very little contact with the other cities, and it was rare for people from other cities have taken the initiative to come to the Sea Spirit City.

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