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Fei Yan hugged air and he looked at Rong Ruo somewhat bitterly. 

Rong Ruo could only look away from him.

"Oh, shouldn't we talk about Long Xuan City first." Fan Zhuo decided to change the topic. 

Thankfully, Fei Yan was thick skinned, after being rejected by Rong Ruo so many times, yet he hadn't given up. 

Fei Yan swiped the corner of his mouth and sits back earnestly, but his eyes still drifted towards Rong Ruo from time to time.

"Little Xie, what exactly does your medicine do? You didn't really give them any panacea?" Qiao Chu asked the question that had been bothering him for several days.

When Jun Wu Xie gave the medicine to Fei Yan, he was already very curious, but Jun Wu Xie just didn't explain anything which made Qiao Chu felt stifled for a while. 

If it was for Long Xuan City to believe the rumours released by Jun Wu Xie, and she really gave some sort of incredible elixir, Qiao Chu predicted that he would be very angry. No one in the Three Realms could compare to Jun Wu Xie's skills in preparing medicines or elixirs. To let the Upper Realm gain some small advantages, he would also not be too pleased. 

How could Jun Wu Xie not follow their train of thought, and she naturally replied, "It's not a great thing, but the medicine can improve people's spiritual power in a short time. However this is all in vain. Maybe for a few years, It will appear as if the power is steadily increasing, but it is just forcibly stimulating the human body's spiritual power. When the spiritual power is exhausted, it will naturally not be maintained."

Jun Wu Xie painted her explanation in light strokes, but the power of that medicine could completely turn the user into waste after a few years, but a few years was enough for Jun Wu Xie.

The bait she threw would continue to be effective as long as the user did not experience failure within the next few years. 

"Then I'll rest assured." Qiao Chu exhaled, his expression changed as he slyly asked, "Little Xie, since you released the news, you knew that Long Xuan City will not be able to sit still. Come on, what do you think they will do?"

There was a treacherous smile in Qiao Chu's eyes. Since Jun Wu Xie dared to give the medicine to them, there would be absolutely no problem with its effects. They just had to wait for the people in Long Xuan City to fall hook, line and sinker, and made their move. 

It was a matter of how they were going to do so. However, this was something that Qiao Chu could not figure out just yet. 

"Let's use diplomacy before we resort to violence," Jun Wu Xie said quietly.

Once Long Xuan City had determined the authenticity of the elixir, the first reaction would definitely be to not inform the others within the seventy-two cities, but to try to take possession of the elixir. As to how they would go about asking for it, it would depend on the character of Long Xuan City's City Lord. 

But no matter what decision the other party made, Jun Wu Xie would not mind.

After chatting for a while, they clamoured for Ye Mei and Ye Sha to cook them a good meal.

The two persons, who had not stepped into the kitchen for a long time, exchanged a glance and saw helplessness reflected in each other's eyes. 

The members of the Night Regime were meant to weld swords in both hands, but in front of these few people, they could only put down the butcher's knives and pick up the spatulas. 

Right at this moment, Ye Sha and Ye Mei are extremely regretful that they showed off their culinary skills in front of these people, as they were remembered as this from that time on. 

No matter how depressed they were, after seeing Jun Wu Yao's acquiescence, they could only silently head into the kitchen to cook. 

As Ye Gu knew nothing about cooking, he managed to escape by bringing Lord Meh Meh and Blood Rabbit into the backyard to feed them grass.

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