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Jun Wu Xie nodded very calmly.

"......." Qiao Chu pounded his chest with his fist as he felt that he had been greatly stimulated.

"That….umm... since Big Brother Ye Sha is so powerful, why…" Qiao Chu was puzzled and could not help but ask. When they were at Cloudy Peak back then, Ye Sha could not even contend against an elder of the Twelve Palaces….

"Why was he beaten to such an extent by that grey robed elder and was helpless against him..." Before Qiao Chu could finish his words, Ye Sha happened to enter the main hall and was walking towards them.

Qiao Chu's entire face immediately flushed to a suspicious tinge of red!

Nothing was more embarrassing than being caught by the mentioned party itself!

"Big Brother Ye Sha….that..err...haha...I...was just asking casually…" Qiao Chu shrunk back and simply wanted to find himself a hole to drill himself into.

Ye Sha broke into laughter as he shook his head and did not pay any heed to Qiao Chu's query. Instead, he paid his respects to Jun Wu Xie and stood to the side before he replied earnestly, "A thousand years ago, after Lord Jue had been captured, in order to search for our Lord's whereabouts, Ye Mei and myself had been searching hard for a thousand years. At that time, we were injured and did not treat them at all, hence our strength had been greatly affected."

Although Ye Sha had put it very subtly, but Qiao Chu immediately understood.

To think that they had been heavily injured all those times?!

"Like I've said, Big Brother Ye Sha is so powerful, there must be a reason behind it!" Qiao Chu was busy flattering Ye Sha and Ye Sha was so amused by him that he did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Jun Wu Xie looked at the interaction between Qiao Chu and Ye Sha and her eyes inadvertently became more gentle. She then turned to Ye Sha and asked, "Have you checked the person I've asked you to check?"

Ye Sha's expression immediately resumed to his usual serious one as he knelt down on one knee and reported, "Reporting to Young Miss, we've already found that person but he's acting very cautiously so I did not dare to make any contact first but came back to report his location first hand."

She nodded her head and asked: "Where's he at?"

"Setting Peak." Ye Sha immediately replied.

Setting Peak was a very remote mountain range in the Middle Realm, because of its steep terrain, it was very inaccessible and very little people set foot into it.

"Get ready to set off tonight." Jun Wu Xie said.

"Yes!" Ye Sha replied and left to prepare.

Qiao Chu blinked his eyes and looked at Jun Wu Xie and asked: "Little Xie, who are you looking for? You are heading over to Setting Peak?"

Jun Wu Xie replied him softy, " I am looking for Bai Xu."

"Bai Xu?" Qiao Chu wrecked his brains but could not match this name to anyone he knew.

"He's someone from the Upper Realm?"

Jun Wu Xie shook her head and said, "Bai Xu is the only Medical Saint in the Middle Realm, his medical skills are high.

"You still need… to look for a Medical Saint to treat your wounds?" Qiao Chu looked at her incredulously, what Medical Saint, Divine Doctor…. All these were all just bullshit in front of Jun Wu Xie. He did not believe that in the entire three realms, there was a person whose medical skills could surpass Jun Wu Xie's!

Whatever was on Qiao Chu's mind was written blatantly on his face. The moment he looked at Jun Wu Xie, she immediately knew what he was thinking about and she helplessly explained on further: "Not to treat any wound, Bai Xu is Grandmaster's close friend and I would like to ask him a couple of things."

The moment Ren Huang was mentioned, Qiao Chu immediately zipped up and did not dare to ask any further.

Compared to Jun Wu Yao who was trapped in the Upper Realm, Ren Hang's departure from the living made one's heart hurt and they had thought that people such as Ren Huang and Yan Bu Gui, these talented individuals might perhaps go to the Spirit World but they had been in the Spirit World searching for five years and did not find any of them.

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