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"That.... Let us accompany you along..." Qiao Chu mulled over it for a long time before he uttered out these words.

Jun Wu Xie looked at his serious expression and only after a long silence did she nod in acquiesce.

Due to the fact that the Dark Regions itself was located in a remote place, it was not far from the Setting Peak. On the same evening, Jun Wu Xie had brought people to set of towards Setting Peak and made their journey on horses, they had soon arrived at their destination.

In the desolate Setting Peak, there was not a trace of any person all around and under the cloak of the night, only the sound of insects could be heard and along the small path, it was accompanied by the sound of horseshoes that echoed in the quiet valley.

Qiao Chu and the others rode on the horses and followed behind Ye Sha, as their eyes scanned the quiet surroundings.

"Is there... Is there really someone living here?" Qiao Chu shuddered as he rubbed his arms, there was a tinge coldness in the night breeze and the silvery moonlight illuminated the little path, revealing the tranquillity all around.

"Ye Sha had sent people to check before, it shouldn't be wrong." Ye Mei chortled as he replied from the side.

Rong Ruo looked around before raising a hand to let a Hell Butterfly explore the road ahead.

In the depths the mountain, there was an unremarkable thatched hut that was shrouded in the moonlight, from afar, a weak light streamed out from the windows.

"We are here." Ye Sha pulled the reins and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie immediately dismounted her horse and the others followed her in a similar fashion as they walked towards that dimly lit thatched hut.

"This Bai Xu... No matter what, he is the only Medical Saint in the Middle Realm, let's not talk about his medical skills but as a prestigious title such as his, why would he live in such a desolate place?" Fei Yan rubbed his nose, from a distance, his nose had already picked up the scent of faint medicine, it was a bit bitter and had reminded him of the past where Jun Wu Xie had been busy refining.

"What is wrong with living here? It's a mess out there, if you don't live here, you would be stared at by the people of the Upper Realm. Didn't Gu Li Sheng say that the people of the Upper Realm had used the Nine Temples and their favourite pastime was to gather these talented people together? Those who submit would live, those that don't would die. All these years, how many ancient family clans had been uprooted by them? Those who go against me would perish, that's the way of the Upper Realm, there is no need to think so much." Rong Ruo narrowed her eyes, although they had not stepped into the Middle Realm over the past few years, but they were very well aware of situation that was happening in the Middle Realm.

The current Middle Realm had already turned into a plaything of the Upper Realm. The major forces had disappeared and even those family clans that had been hidden for so many years had been uprooted and destroyed. Those that chose to survive had lost their freedom and their dignity. If they wanted to live, why not live like Bai Xu and find a quiet place to avoid all the trouble.

"Fortunately Uncle Ying had left for the Lower Realm earlier, that way, they were able to save that item of the Zhan family clan." Speaking of the tragedy of those large family clans, Fan Zhuo could not help but lament.

The Uncle Ying that they were referring to was the Elder Ying of the Shadow Moon Palace. When the Spirit Jade Palace had been hit hard, the Middle Realm started to fall into chaos. Elder Ying and Yue Yi who were originally staying in the Zhan family clan had followed Qiao Chu and the rest to the Lower Realm to reunite with Yue Ye.

As they spoke while they walked, they had soon arrived in front of the hut. The little medicine boy who had two buns tied on his head was carefully fanning the fan in his hand as he was brewing a medical concoction on the stovetop. When he suddenly saw someone coming, he was startled and immediately stood up as he looked at the "guests" who had suddenly arrived nervously.

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