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"You are?" The medicine boy was a young boy that looked to be about 8 to 9 years old. He was dressed in very simple robes and when he saw the few of these tall men with strong temperaments approach, he immediately shrank back with a tensed face as he gripped his fan tightly.

"Don't be nervous, we are not bad people. We are here to see Medical Saint Bai Xu." Rong Ruo stepped forward and smiled warmly to the child as she looked gently at him. Seeing this, that boy's face had immediately eased up.

The medicine boy licked his lips nervously as he stared at the lot of them with his big round eyes. He then scanned each and everyone of them and his eyes were filled with uneasiness.

"What Medical Saint Bai Xu… I don't know… you've found the wrong place. There's no such person here." The medicine boy stuttered as he frantically tried to cover up but he had not realized that his tone had already given himself away.

Unless it was a fool, no one would believe his words.

Jun Wu Xie's eyes went past the medicine boy and looked at the hut with the lit windows. She stepped forward and wanted to go in but she was stopped by him.

"There's nobody in the house! can't go in…" The medicine boy was trying to stop her with a bunch of gibberish but the moment he caught a glimpse of her actual constenance under the moonlight, he was stunned and in a daze.

Under the silvery moonbeam, the woman that appeared before him was so beautiful. He could not even describe her beauty with words.

So beautiful….

How could there be a person in this world that looked so good?

"Move away." Jun Wu Xie said softly.

The medicine boy refused to budge an inch.

Ye Sha immediately stepped forward and was about to pull the boy away.

"Ah! What do you think you're doing! How can you force yourselves into someone else's house?!" That medicine boy screamed at Ye Sha and at this moment, a gentle voice of an old man sounded out from behind him.

"It's a guest from afar, but I'm sure you do have some courtesy."

The voice was not loud, but it was clearly transmitted into everyone's ears. Under the gentleness, there was a toughness.

Ye Sha held the medicine boy on one arm and he looked at Jun Wu Xie. She nodded slightly, and he let the medicine boy go. The medicine boy who regained his freedom immediately blocked the door with his arms wide open, protecting the entrance with all he had.

"Let them come in." The voice rang out again, but this time, it was said to the medicine boy.

The medicine boy bit his lip and hesitated for a long time before he gave way.

Jun Wu Xie immediately went to the door and pushed it open.

Inside the thatched hut was a simple table and chair with a lit candle which illuminated the interior faintly. On the soft couch on the side, an elder dressed in a coarse linen was lying on it but when he looked up,to see who these unwelcome guests were, on that wrinkled face was a trace of surprise.

"Looking at your appearance, it seems that you aren't from the Nine Temples." The eyes of Bai Xu fell onto Jun Wu Xie and suddenly made this comment.

"How can you tell?" Jun Wu Xie looked at him. She had met him once back in the Cloudy Brook Academy five years ago, but at that time, she was busy dealing with the Twelve Palaces so there wasn't any more contact with him. But she did not think that five years had changed a lot of things and she actually found him again.

Bai Xu chuckled. "If there are people with calibre like the lot of you in the Nine Temples, they would not become the puppet of the Upper Realm. Looking at your appearance, it doesn't seem to be the people from the Upper Realm either."

His acute deductions made all those standing behind Jun Wu Xie slightly surprised.

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