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Jun Wu Xie did not have much reaction, Bai Xu had made it sound simple but she did not believe it. Moreover... No matter how Bai Xu saw that, it did not matter to her.

"Since you are guests, please have a seat." Bai Xu said slowly.

Qiao Chu and the others immediately found a chair each and sat down. It was undeniable that Bai Xu had given them a good feeling and his calm temperament which was unique to the elderly had made him seem amiable and did not show any hostility.

"Little child, prepare tea." He said.

The medicine boy who was standing by the door stared cautiously at the group of people who had suddenly entered, after hearing the orders of Bai Xu did he go to prepare the tea begrudgingly.

"May I know why you are looking for me? If it is for medical treatment, I think you may be disappointed." Bai Xu said indifferently.

"Disappointed? Why?" Qiao Chu could not help but ask in curiosity.

Bai Xu flipped open the blanket on his lap and when the legs under the blanket was revealed, Qiao Chu immediately sucked in a mouthful of cold air!

The moment his legs was exposed, a horrendous sight was revealed. His legs were covered with scars and two knee caps had been contorted and they were completely odd shaped, sunken in at the weirdest places as huge scars ran across them. On his knees, even if the wounds have healed, it still looked terrifying.

"This is… "Qiao Chu gulped his saliva.

Bai Xu covered back the blanket and on his face, there was not the slightest sorrow, only a calm face.

"I've encountered some hardships and you've all seen it now, with my condition like that, I'm afraid that I can't even travel a distance. Although the external wounds have healed, but the internal injuries still remain. I have to drink medicine to relieve the pain, I am really unable to treat anyone." Bai Xu apologized.

Qiao Chu settled down and remain quiet as he snuck a peek at Jun Wu Xie. He did not know what sort of person Bai Xu was and did not know how he had gotten such injuries but one thing he did hear from her was that he had something to do with Ren Huang.

Jun Wu Xie wrinkled her brows after seeing his legs but in a flash, her expression returned to normal. She raised her eyes and looked at Bai Xu before she said: "We are not here to seek medical treatment but to look for something."

The moment he heard her, a strange look flashed through Bai Xu's eyes but it was so subtle that no one noticed.

"Oh? What is it?" Bai Xu asked without any fluctuations in his voice.

Jun Wu Xie raised eyebrow and said, "Soul bone."

Bai Xu was stunned and the hand on his blanket trembled a little but he did reveal a trace of abnormality. Instead, he was unusually calm and asked, "Soul bone? What is that?"

"The item necessary for the Upper Realm need to complete the Sacrifice of the Three Realms." Jun Wu Xie answered straightforwardly.

Her words, however, had left everyone in the entire room stunned, other than Ye Sha and Ye Mei, Qiao Chu and the others had only shock on their faces.

Soul bone!

Wasn't that the item that Ren Huang brought out of the Upper Realm?

They knew that Jun Wu Xie had came here today to ask something from Bai Xu but even if you had beaten them to death, they would never have thought that the item to be the soul bone!

How did she determine that the soul bone was in the hands of Bai Xu?

Bai Xu lowered his gaze as he stared at his legs. He replied in a calm manner, "I am sorry, I have no idea what this soul bone that you are referring to is."

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