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"If you are here for that so-called soul bone, I'm afraid you would be disappointed." The calmness in his words were hard to doubt the credibility of his words.

However, Jun Wu Xie thought otherwise.

"Master Bai Xu, I think that you should have a look at something first." Jun Wu Xie suddenly said.

Bai Xu looked up and discovered that a mask had suddenly appeared in her hand and the mask looked very ordinary. It was just but a mask of a handsome youth but the moment he touched it, Bai Xu's face revealed an unspeakable shock.

"This..." Bai Xu was extremely shocked as he turned to look at Jun Wu Xie.

"Master Bai Xu, this would be the second time we've met. The first time we met was when Grandmaster brought me to meet you." Jun Wu Xie replied earnestly but the moment when she said the word 'Grandmaster', there was an obvious stiffness in her voice.

However, Bai Xu had been completely shocked and was dumbstruck in place.

"You are that disciple of Su Ya?!" Bai Xu opened his eyes wide incredulously, though he was old age but his memory was still very good. How could he forget that his old friend had came by with this youth to show off in front of him?

It was just that...

"You are a girl?" Bai Xu looked at her from head to toe, he had to say that the temperament and face was similar to that youth but her eyes as well as her temperament was much colder than that youth in his memory.

"Yes." Jun Wu Xie nodded her head.

Bai Xu let out a long breath as he kept looking at her, "How did you find this place? Your Grandmaster... He... Sigh! What do you want the soul bone for?"

If it was anyone else, Bai Xu would never divulge a single thing but since Jun Wu Xie was Ren Huang's beloved grand disciple, this alone had removed all the pretence he had before.

How could he be so cold towards his good friend's beloved grand disciple?

"I need the soul bone to deal with the Upper Realm."

"What?!" Bai Xu suddenly widened his eyes as he looked at her in disbelief. The words she spoke was simply too shocking!

"To deal with the Upper Realm? Have you gone mad?! Even if your Grandmaster praised you on your talent, but do you know what kind of place the Upper Realm is? Don't tell me your Grandmaster had never told you before?! If you want to deal with the Upper Realm, do you think that you can succeed so easily? You are still young and you don't know how horrible the Upper Realm is. As for the matter about the soul bone, don't even think about it, unless your Grandmaster comes in person, I would tell him! Otherwise, don't even dream about knowing the location of the soul bone." Bai Xu said with a serious face, he was not trying to be difficult with Jun Wu Xie but he did not want any danger to befall her and such matters weren't suitable to be dealt with by the junior generation.

The moment Bai Xu mentioned Ren Huang, the faces of Qiao Chu and the others turned white in an instant. They immediately turned and looked at Jun Wu Xie, almost at the same time and their eyes were full of worry.

Did Bai Xu not know that Ren Huang had passed away?

Jun Wu Xie was in a daze for some time before she regained her composure and her cold voice rang out, "Grandmaster.... he.. has passed away."

Bai Xu's face was frozen instantly and his eyes suddenly widened, not willing to believe what he was hearing. He refused to believe it... What did she say?

"What... What did you say? Ren Huang.... he.. he.. he... Has gone ahead?" Bai Xu's voice was very soft, it was as if he did not want to believe in this cruel reality.

However, after he saw Jun Wu Xie nod her head, he immediately slumped back like a deflated ball.

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