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"How could this be... How could it be... When did it happen?!" Bai Xu took a deep breath and pressed down his inner sorrow. He thought that Ren Huang was still alive and just to avoid the pursuit of the Upper Realm, he had not appeared before him. Never would he have thought that ... a dear friend who had been with him for so many years, had actually took the first step and left before him...

"Five years ago, one of the Top Ten Experts of the Upper Realm brought a huge force and besieged us. In order to let us escape, Grandmaster chose to sacrifice himself and blew himself up." Jun Wu Xie forced herself to explain as her gaze turned cold and her hands that were hidden in her sleeves were clenched tightly into trembling fists as her sharp nails pressed into her soft palm.

"The Upper Realm..." Bai Xu regained his composure as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. The sorrow in his chest was like a heavy hammer that was constantly slamming into his heart. He resisted the immense grief as he looked at Jun Wu Xie and said: "You should know how powerful your Grandmaster is. If even he is not an opponent of the Upper Realm, how dare you still say that you can deal with the people of the Upper Realm? You should fully know well enough of the importance of the soul bone. The main reason that Ren Huang had left his home and ran over to the unfamiliar Middle Realm and lived his life hiding away was just to prevent the soul bone from falling into the hands of the Upper Realm. He even sacrificed his life to keep the soul bone safe. Don't you know the reason? If you want to take revenge and want to use the soul bone to take such a huge risk, even if I am touched by your loyalty and filial piety, I can't let you do so with such reckless consequences."

Bai Xu was very pleased that Jun Wu Xie was willing to avenge Ren Huang, but ... but he did not dare to use the soul bone as a bargaining chip. Once the soul bone falls into the hands of the Upper Realm, then the consequences were unimaginable. It would mean that the Upper Realm were just one step closer to the Blood Sacrifice of the Three Realms.

He did not dare to take such a huge risk.

Jun Wu Xie raised her head and looked at Bai Xu who had on a perplexed expression and said, "I understand the concerns of Senior Bai Xu, and I will not mess with the things that Grandmaster was desperately trying to protect. How about I make an agreement with Senior Bai Xu?"

"What agreement?" Bai Xu could not help but ask.

Jun Wu Xie replied: "After five days, there would be a good show that would be staged in the Middle Realm. I'm inviting you to watch it first and after watching it, you can then decide whether or not you would give the soul bone to me. If after watching everything and you still insist on the same decision as now, I will respect your choice."

"After five days? What are you going to do?" Bai Xu grasped the key points in Jun Wu Xie's words.

"It doesn't matter what I want to do. As long as you go there, you would know."

Bai Xu gritted his teeth as his hands twisted the blanket on his lap, and there was a hint of anger at the bottom of his eyes.

"I am willing to go, but I can't go! What I've told you before was not a lie. My body is not able to withstand any form of travelling." As a Medical Saint, Bai Xu was clear about his own injuries and they weren't simple injuries.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Bai Xu before she said: "Although I am not perfectly confident that I can fully cure Senior Bai Xu's wounds in five days, but I am confident that you can travel this distance after five days. This much, I can still do it. If you are willing to believe me, let me give it a try."

Bai Xu was slightly surprised as he looked at her, he still remembered that when Ren Huang had praised his little grand disciple, he constantly praised her skill on refining medicine. She had passed the steps that she used to refine the elixirs to Ren Huang and when Bai Xu whose expertise was on this had seen them, he had felt them to be extremely amazing. Unfortunately, he did not have the chance to witness how amazing her medical skills were.

After a brief moment of silence, Bai Xu finally said: "Well, I am willing to believe you."

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