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Five days later, the Middle Realm ushered in a storm. Within the span of five days, the various divisions of the Nine Temples had suddenly pulled back. All the workers who were originally forced to build the palaces for them were suddenly sent back to their homes. Everyone could feel the undercurrents that were rippling through the Middle Realm and the unusual atmosphere had made them speculate wildly in their hearts. The sudden actions of the Nine Temples and the attack of the Night Regime couldn't be separated. Everyone was waiting in silence, waiting for the Night Regime that would stir up a torrential storm and give the Nine Temples a heavy blow, and also bring the Middle Realm back to peace one again.

In one of the divisions of the Nine Temples, a handsome man sat in the main hall of the Spirit Void Temple. On both sides of the main hall, the elders of the palaces gathered together, and there were several commanders from the Upper Realm.

"Today is the last day of the half month that the Night Regime had proclaimed, yet the they have not moved. I don't know what are they playing at." An elder of the Spirit Void Temple carefully said and looked apprehensively at the handsome man seated above.

The man looked like he was twenty eight to twenty nine years old. His face was very handsome, but he although he had the appearance that would be admired by many, however, it was now black like coal.

The Nangong Lie had on a sombre expression. It had been half a month since Qiu Yun had been defeated. It had now passed the fifteenth day. On the same day that Su Jing Yan and the others survived, they had conveyed the declaration from Jun Wu Xie.

Within half a month, they would wash the Nine Temples with blood, what crazy provocation was this!

However, within this half a month, no matter how much effort the Gold Spirits of the Upper Realm and the Nine Temples spent searching, they still could not find a clue about the Night Regime nor Jun Wu Xie. Without any choice left,, Nangong Lie could only order that all the forces of the Nine Temples were to return and await strict orders and prepare for battle.

"What Night Regime? It's just a group of mice that are greedy and afraid of death. All they can do are just some trivial tricks. Only those of you in the Middle Realm would be so afraid of them. I have to say that the words they declared that day was just but a bluff, otherwise how can they be so quiet during this half a month?" A tall man from the Upper Realm scoffed haughtily as he grumbled. He was loyal to Nangong Lie and did not put Qiu Yun in his eyes at all. Compared with Nangong Lie who was one of the Top Ten Experts, Qiu Yun could not even match up to him.

The elders of the Spirit Void Temple lowered their heads but in their hearts, they had already cursed his ancestors all the way to the 18th generation, but they did not dare to show any semblance of disrespectfulness on their faces.

He said that the Night Regime had made a bluff? Don't forget that many of you from the Three Realms have already died in the hands of the Night Regime. What kind of pretense are you sprouting here?

The elders of the Nine Temples were angry, but they dare not show it.

"Master Nangong, I think that there would be not further actions from the Night Regime. Previously, they had exploited a loophole because we were unprepared. Now that we're guarding the Nine Temples like an iron fortress, not to mention the Night Regime, even one fly isn't able to fly in. There is no need to overestimate this group of mice." One strong man from the Upper Realm did not believe that in the Middle Realm, there was a force that could contend against their forces made up of Gold Spirits.

Nangong Lie had on a serious expression. The Upper Realm had sent him and Qiu Yun to the Middle Realm with him as the leader while Qiu Yun was his deputy. Although he did not really recognize Qiu Yun's strength, but he still had to admit that even though he was not part of the Top Ten Experts, he was still someone who could condense out a Spirit Ring.

He had died so easily and what's more, he had died without his whole body intact. The manner in which he had died was simply unbelievable!

Nangong Lie was a prudent man and not as ignorant and impetuous as Qiu Yun. He had made his preparations much earlier on.

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