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It was just that... the calmness during this half a month had given people an inexplicable feeling. After Qiu Yun had been defeated by Jun Wu Xie, all traces of the Night Regime in the Middle Realm seemed to have vanished. Even the previous attacks on the various divisions of the Nine Temples had suddenly stopped, which made Nangong Lie who was prepared for the oncoming assaults inevitably disappointed.

Nangong Lie vaguely felt that something was wrong, but since the enemy did not move, he could not move. He could only guard against the deployment of the Nine Temples and prevent any accidents from happening.

Losing a hundred and eight palaces in succession, everything that they had spent five years of hard work on had turned into a pile of rubble. If they continued to let the Night Regime survive, let alone five years, even if they had been given them fifty years, under the onslaught of attacks that more than a hundred palaces could be destroyed in merely two to three days, he would not be able to complete the tasks assigned by the Upper Realm.

While the people from the Upper Realm were making boastful and sniding remarks, Nangong Lie was busy sorting out the thoughts in his mind. He wore a gloomy expression as he looked at the elders of the Nine Temples who had remained silent out of fear.

"That Jun Wu Xie ... what kind of person is she?" Nangong Lie frowned and asked, from Su Jing Yan's mouth, he already knew that the leader of the Night Regime was a woman named Jun Wu Xie and it was said that Jun Wu Xie could already condense out a Spirit Ring. Just this fact alone made Nangong Lie very surprised.

The aura in the Middle Realm was completely different from the Upper Realm. It was harder to cultivate a Gold Spirit in such an environment than to ascend to heaven, let alone to condense out a Spirit Ring.

However, the most unlikely thing happened, and not only that, it had happened to them. This made Nangong Lie extremely curious towards Jun Wu Xie.

Without a choice, Su Jing Yan could only step forward. He wanted to pretend that he didn't know, but Jun Wu Xie had encountered the Upper Realm twice and both times, he happened to be there so he couldn't hide.

"Your subordinate does not know much about Jun Wu Xie. When she first appeared, she was in Mount Fu Yao and she was just a Purple Spirit then. She was favored by the Spirit Jade Palace and went to Cloudy Brook Academy. In the next few years, your subordinate never saw her again. It was only until five years ago, when Master Ba He arrested Ren Huang's disciple Su Ya in the Cloudy Brook Academy and used her as a bait. Su Ya was also Jun Wu Xie's Master. At that time, when Jun Wu Xie came, her strength was indeed so startling that it stunned people. In just a short period of less than two years, she had already progressed from a Purple Spirit to the peak of Silver Spirit ....."

"The third time we met was half a month ago. Your subordinate was ordered to besiege the Night Regime with the Master Qiu Yun, and did not expect to see Jun Wu Xie again. After five years, she was actually able to condense out a Spirit Ring. Her rapid growth is really incredible." Su Jing Yan told everything he knew honestly and revealed that did not know much about her. He met her only three times and each time he met her, she would bring him a great surprise. Besides, he really didn't know anything.

Su Jing Yan dared to say all these because he knew that even if he did not say anything, Nangong Lie could also hear it from the mouths of the other Nine Temples disciples. After all, the people who participated in the battle at the Cloudy Brook Academy and the city was not only him.


He knew very well that Jun Wu Xie had let them go because she was not at all afraid that they would expose her strength!

Su Jing Yan's words made Nangong Lie's brow wrinkle. From Su Jing Yan's description, his mind had formed an image of a perverse genius.

In less than ten years, from a Purple Spirit to condensing out a Spirit Ring, not to mention the Middle Realm, such a genius could not even be found in the Upper Realm!

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