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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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1 Chapter 1: Stupid Mistakes Can Cost A Lo

Laughter and conversations filled the entire campus but it was all evidently revolving around a devastatingly beautiful maiden with raven black hair and unique amethyst eyes that brimmed with wisdom and composure.

The prodigy of the sociology & psychology and medical department, an ethereal maiden in possession of violet eyes that seemed to see through your very soul. Not only is she beautiful and smart but kind and approachable too, winning the admiration and hearts of the genius youths from across the campus.

Her knowledge rivaling the world-renowned professor, however beneath that identity lies a top-class secret agent & part-time golden medallion assassin & the one and only godly doctor. Not under any organisation or government, she leads two contrasting lives.


Under the cover of the night a black shadow leaped across the roofs, it was none other than Tian Zi Hua or known as Blind Butterfly in Underground society due to the fact that she always always wear a ribbon around her eyes.

Sometimes having unique features can be a blessing and a curse, having to cover her eyes as to hide her identity, luckily Zi Hua uses a special fabric that allows her to see through but blocks others' sight from her eyes.

Zi Hua swiftly jumped from one roof to another undetected, having just finished a mission to assassinate a drug dealer she did not feel the faintest fatigue from knocking our all the body guards before she had finally finished her mission.

Just as she leaped off a building leisurely in a practiced manner into an alley way so she could get changed, Zi Hua failed to notice the banana peel on the floor where she landed, as an assassin being observant is already ingrained into her bones but who knew she would commit such a stupid mistake, a mistake that would cost her a lot but bring something better in return...

Caught unaware combined with the force from jumping down a roof, Zi Hua didn't have the chance to alleviate the force and slipped on the banana peel. Sliding across the alley way until reaching a sewage pipe.

BANG! Oof!

Author's thoughts:

Sorry, I had to write it here because webnovel won't allow more than 500 characters and due to the chatter box that I am it wasn't enough for me. Lol.

Hello, thank you for reading this novel. I am an amateur author but I will try my best. This novel consists of me combining my own ideas with many of the novels I have read, so you may see some similarities but most of the novel especially as it progresses will become more unique and original. For the ideas from other novels I do not claim any credit from those authors and I don't mean to offend those respectable authors as I am a huge fan of their work. I am open for criticism and will try to respond to readers. This chapter is a bit short since it's a intro but the rest of the chapters will be longer though not too long that it'll bore you(500-1000 words).

Notice: The first 10 chapters may be quite boring and there won't be much going on.
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