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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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2 Chapter 2: Master

'Am I dead?'

Zi Hua couldn't feel a thing or see a thing, right now she is truly blind.

She felt nothing, saw nothing, only pitch blackness surrounded her.

Just as Zi Hua gained back her consciousness and cleared her mind a sharp yet comforting voice of a female appeared.

With a flash of bright light a figure of a woman who had the appearance of a woman in her late twenties appeared and dissipated the pitch darkness. The woman's eyes were sharp and imposing, but her emerald orbs brought a soothing feeling to Zi Hua.

"Are you an angel?"

"Hehe, this is the first time being called an angel, I've been called a devil, demon and monster but this is the first time to be called an angel, sorry for getting your hopes up" the woman chuckled, she was far from being called an angel especially now that her mind has been cleared up from soft-heartedness.

"Then who are you, aren't I dead" Just thinking about how she died frustrates her, the blind butterfly who carries out missions flawlessly died because she slipped on a banana peel, she'll become an utter joke. She still wanted to experience life for a little longer, Zi Hua thought that she would perish during a mission or in a more... acceptable way.

"I am the one who brought you here little girl, would you like to have a second life?"

"Yeah but you're joking right" Narrowing her eyes, she stared at the woman suspiciously.

"Of course not, it's been so long since I died and the Heaven-defying artifact have finally chosen a new owner"

A rush of confusion hit her, what was the woman talking about, no matter how intelligent Zi Hua was she couldn't seem to wrap her head around it.

"What are you talking about?" Zi Hua was getting more and more curious on what the woman was talking about, since she's already dead, she's got nothing to loose really. Might as well give what she's saying a shot.

"No need to be impatient, you'll understand everything soon, once I finish refining and merging your new body" A gentle smile bloomed on her face, seeing the little girl being so confused made her seem rather cute.

"The Heaven-defying artifact is the master piece created at the beginning of time using the most supreme materials, it possesses countless treasures and even more now after the accumulation from me and the previous masters. However, only certain souls, such as you and me, can possess it"

"This artifact will search for a new fated one throughout the dimensions after the previous master dies, it is also the reason why my soul is still here despite it being attacked and injured severely. Unfortunately, it is unable to restore my soul completely due to the severity of my injuries, so I waited until the next fated one arrives, will you continue my legacy and ascend to godhood?"

Albeit slightly confused, Zi Hua managed to understand most of this. "You and the Heaven-defying artifact is giving me another life, this is the least I can do" She, Zi Hua, will never take kindness for granted and knew how to reciprocate .

"If you are willing to accept this one, please accept this disciples bow"

"Good! The Heaven-defying artifact have not chosen wrongly, not only are you a once in a billion-year talent, you possess a great character, it's this master's honor to accept such a filial disciple who knows to repay others"

"Disciple greets master" From what she had heard from her new master she could see that she was taken into a world of wuxia.

"Pity though, this incompetent master of yours does not have much time left, after so long without a shell my soul cannot last much longer" Sighed the woman, she had just acquired such great disciple but was unable to watch her grow.

"I shall impart my inheritance and soul to you, when you merge your new body they will also merge together, you will feel bone shattering pain, do not reject it." Although they had barely just known each other the two have formed a unbreakable bond, since she could not stay then she will use the last remaining bit of her soul and everything she has to support her newfound disciple.

"Disciple thanks master" Zi Hua truly liked the woman, although they hadn't spoke much, she was able to infer that if they had more time the two of them would create great memories.

"No need for thanks between us, master does not have much time left, master will always be with you, you will possess the remanents of my soul so I will always be with you"

"But remember this, in this world the strong prevails and the weak is oppressed, do not be eager to show off to the world ' an innocent possessing the jade will become a criminal'. Never reveal the Heaven-defying artifacts existence to anyone, unless you have complete trust in them. Never show compassion to your enemies 'being kind to your enemies is showing cruelty to oneself'. Never provoke others needlessly but neither be afraid of others. Remember master's teachings well, farewell dear disciple"

"Disciple will definitely, keep master's teaching close to ones heart and remember" Tears were threatening to fall.

"Good, a disciple like you is my pride and joy" As soon as she said that her figure soon faded and dissipated into nothingness.

Instinctively, Zi Hua tried to reach out to grab the disappearing figure.
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