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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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3 Chapter 3: Second Life, A New Beginning

Rabbit year, 5th month

At the foot of Wan Shou Mountain lay a disheveled young girl of 7/8 years old covered in dried grime and dirt.

Zi Hua's soul cringed in agony from the merging process, but not once did she cry in pain.

As dawn arrived, the young girl's eyes fluttered open, the once dull grey eyes were now replaced by alluring amethyst irises filled with wisdom and composure.

"Those vicious b*stards deserve a fate worse than death!" After receiving the remanents of her master's soul, Zi Hua received some of her master's memories that was embedded into her master's soul for various reasons such as that they were something that her master valued or something her master hated as well as her master's knowledge along with the body's memories.

"Don't worry master, I will avenge you, but first..."

"I will avenge those malicious people for making the original body's owner suffer" Her master used this body as a base vessel so that she could merge into this world, although the original owner didn't help on purpose but Zi Hua is still indebted to her.

With the body as a base, her master merged her original body and soul along with Zi Hua's and her own.

From the knowledge she got from her master, there are four continents in this world from weakest to strongest is: Starlight Continent, Moonlight Continent, Sunlight Continent and the Primordial Lands. The world she is now in is a world of wuxia where the strong eats the weak.

Zi Hua is in the body of the General Manor's fifth young miss, Xia Fei Yan, from Nan Xia Empire, Starlight Continent.

In Starlight continent the four major powers are the Four Empires: Bei Dong Empire, Dong Ting Empire, Nan Xia Empire and Xi Qiu Empire. At the center of the Four Empires was Wan Shou Mountain, like it's name it housed Tens of thousands of spirit beasts, so dangerous that not even the Four Empires dare to venture too far, also where Zi Hua was currently at. People of Starlight Continent think that Martial Lord is the pinnacle of strength, except for a few.

'Master, master' A child-like voice resounded through Zi Hua's mind.

"Who's there?" Zi Hua immediately stood up and readied herself against the 'enemies'.

'Master, I'm the artifact spirit of Heaven-defying artifact'

"Oh" Zi Hua knew about it from her master.

'Previous master asked me to guide you around the Heaven-defying artifact'

"How do I get inside?" Zi Hua searched through her mind but no such instructions appeared.

'Just concentrate on entering it'

Although she did not quite understand what it meant, but she still followed according to what it said.

The young girl at the foot of Wan Shou Mountain quietly disappeared.
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