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Genius Sovereign: Prodigious Miss Overturning The World With Her Aberration
Author :Angelyay
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4 Chapter 4: Heaven-defying Artifac

When Zi Hua opened her eyes, her surroundings were completely different.

"Master!" A little dumpling in kunfu clothing jumped into her embrace, catching her by surprise.

"I'm Xiao Shen, nice to meet you master" Xiao Shen flashed a brilliant smile that would pluck the heartstrings of even the most stoic people.

"Nice to meet you too" Zi Hua's mood soared when seeing the little one's adorable and cheerful nature.

"This way" Xiao Shen led Zi Hua by the hand like a child wanting to play into the magnificent palace.

Zi Hua saw numerous rooms filled with priceless treasures, that from her understanding would be greatly prized by those that practice professions and cultivators.

Seeing Zi Hua staring at the rooms curiously, Xiao Chen took the initiative to explain "These stuff were left by previous masters, don't worry about them finishing because the Heaven-defying artifact is able to duplicate them when they are on the shelves, one day there'll be a room of stuff that you leave behind. Let's not dally too long here, after all you'll have plenty of time in the future, for now let's go to the pagoda that the previous master left for you" Xiao Shen eagerly led Zi Hua outside the palace into a tranquil courtyard that had a massive pagoda which reached the sky.

"Master left things for me?" Zi Hua couldn't help but feel guilty, her master had given her so much but she haven't given anything in return, this steeled Zi Hua's will to exact revenge for her master.

"Yup! But master said that you'll only be able to open the first floor for now, as your cultivation improves more floors will be opened, the floors will unlock automatically due to the soul imprint your master gave you that'll you'll need for your inheritance, master instructed me not to tell you until you get stronger" This was quite understandable to Zi Hua, her master had told her before that 'an innocent possessing the jade will become a criminal', this world abides by the law of the jungle, before she has enough power, possessing those treasures will bring her more harm than good.

Xiao Shen's words motivated Zi Hua to become stronger, in this world power is everything.

Zi Hua walked towards the door and gently pushed it, inside seemed no different than a ancient chinese house, except the staircase leading upstairs, though the place was not lavish it gave of a comforting feeling of home.

"The previous master said that it's best for you to cultivate here until you acquire enough strength to fend off any enemies that come your way" Zi Hua nodded obediently, her master had really thought things out thoroughly which made Zi Hua feel slightly tearful, her master was afraid she'd be bullied in this unfamiliar world so she prepared a place for her to live.

"The Heaven-defying artifact not only possess many miraculous features the dimension itself constantly produces lots of Qi, even more than in the primordial lands, so much in fact that if you were to plant any ordinary plants in here it'd become a priceless treasure that would help cultivators to improve. Don't worry though, the abundance of Qi here won't do any harm, this is also one of the features of the Heaven-defying artifact"

Zi Hua listened attentively, what Xiao said only made Zi Hua realize how heaven-defying this artifact is, if exposed to the wrong people it can cause her to be pursued endlessly.

Zi Hua decided that if it wasn't needed she wouldn't expose anything related to her master or the Heaven-defying artifact. To get revenge it was best to remain low, after so many years her master's enemies may still remain due to the fact that as people get stronger their live spans extend too, or more specifically from her master's knowledge their life force increases.

"Thank you Xiao Chen" Zi Hua was genuinely grateful towards Xiao Chen, if not for the little bean she wouldn't know about all this and would be absolutely clueless.

"Your welcome, master" Xiao Chen's mood was sky high, after being alone for so long he had finally gotten a master and the new master is so nice to him.

Author's thoughts:

Thank you for reading after the first chapter! You don't know how precious every single view is to me, it makes me happy that there are readers that are willing to read my work, the first few chapters so far have been rather short because before when I tried writing a novel previously I always wrote too much and before I published it, I was checking over the novel and it even bored me, so I didn't even publish it. With my current level of experience and skill I don't have the confidence to write longer chapters that are interesting and not a strain to your eyes. But the future chapters will get slightly longer.
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